Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hey I just met you, and this is crazy
but if you've got writers block 
link up with Sunday Lately! 

disclaimer: Katy and Meghan told me not to do the song, but I do what I want. 

Last year, I started the link up My Favs on Thursdays, with Katy and Meghan. I wasn't the best at posting consistently and the three of us get board easily.

So new year, new link-up, but this one I know is sticking around for a while.

Each Sunday come link up with us to share your Sunday Lately, each post will contain the words for the next week. Be sure to link up your post and visit the other blogs in the link up too.


My week, I am really trying to get better about scheduling myself work tasks that need to be accomplished each day. My lack of planning usually involves a bunch of days where I push odd all the important things, and then one solid day of work where I have to make up for all of my slacking off. Also {maybe} a February trip in to NYC. My grandparents like in Brooklyn and we haven't been to see them in two years. It looks like there are some really good deals for the weeks before and after Valentines Day.

Oh Brooklyn, you give me all the feels.


Still loving this flannel from JCrew I shared a few weeks ago. 

While everything else from this winter heads to the sale section, I have a feeling this shirt will just sell out. First world problems? Maybe.


Loads and loads of reviews on things that we might buy to make new products for DBN this year. Could that me any more cryptic? Maybe. Cameron has turned me into a monster when it comes to reading all the reviews on something, which I guess isn't a bad thing.


It would stop raining every single weekend. It makes for one depress-o puppy around these parts. Geno basically whines and wanders around the house trying to find a new place to take a nap.


Especially thankful for 5 years of DBN. Don't forget there is a sale going on through tomorrow on everything but the greeting cards. Shop here. I am also feeling very happy about how this new design turned out, hand lettering makes me happy.


I can't wait to share in this new link up with all of you, and read your posts on Sundays!


  1. We are thinking about going to Brooklyn for a weekend in February or March while we're at Wallkill. I found some good deals on hotwire but where have you found good deals for Brooklyn?

  2. When will you be at Walkill?
    We usually stay at Bethel or in my Grandparents room when we are in Brooklyn but the deals I found are in Manhattan

  3. We were invited for February 14-March 14. It can be a hassle to go into the city but I figured we are so close we might as well and my cousin and her husband are at Brooklyn as well. I'm hoping to find a good deal on a Brooklyn hotel cause cause Bethel is filled to capacity and we don't get room privileges as temporary workers.

  4. I haven't been to New York since my college days. One day I'll make it back day. (And I didn't tell you not to use the song, I just didn't encourage it. haha.)