Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making the Move

This is the first post of a few announcements I will be making about the future of this blog. Basically, nothing major is changing but the url ... it's moving.

A few months ago we launched

That website is the most frustrating and fulfilling thing I have ever done with DBN. I know it is going to be a  c o n s t a n t  work in progress. I started with the shop, then added a few more pages, and after working on it for a little under a year it was ready.

As a designer, I really want everything to have the same look, and feeling. I just couldn't get my blog perfect. I didn't like having a blogger page as well as a website.

So late last night I began the big move. All of the older posts, comments and information have migrated over there and I have started to mess with it. I still have so much to learn about working with the template, and on web design to begin with. Like I said, work in progress.


I cannot tell you how much I personally am going to love having everything in one place. Maintaining an Etsy shop, a blogger blog, a website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is A LOT of work. Anything I can do to streamline the process is a good plan for me.

A more streamlined look, for sure.

A more professional url, I think I have outgrown the at the end of my current name.


As of right now, it doesn't look like you will be able to follow me on bloglovin. I am still trying to make 100% sure, and find other ways it would be easy to keep up.

But for now, you can start by heading over to the website and entering your email address. I promise not to send a zillion emails, but for my followers that want to keep up with the shop, blog and get the occasional coupon ... email newsletters are the best way.

Another awesome way is to follow me on twitter {@designsnicolina}, instagram {@shopdbn & @nicolinaw} and Facebook {} I will always share my posts on there.

new cards coming soon, I only added this pic to make the post cuter

Right now the positives, WAY out shine the negatives.

This blog will remain up, and running for the time being, but no new posts. Eventually, this page will send you on to the new blog, and it will just be a memory we all share.

Thanks for following and reading along so far, I hope you join me at my new home!

PS. Sponsor space will still be available on the new blog, and it will be better than ever. Email me if you would like more information on that -

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