Thursday, December 4, 2014


We had friends in town, and the very first time we hosted over-night guests, last weekend. We had a blast catching up, and spent some time doing some tourist things in our city. It is so funny that when you live somewhere, you sometimes forget about all the exciting things there are to do around town.

We started our day at the Georgia Aquarium

We haven't been in so long, there were lots of new things to see. Including the new Dolphin Tales show, which was so much fun (well, the dolphins were, there was also a very interesting musical element that you would have to see to believe... and not in a good way haha)

One Gluten Free at the Georgia Aquarium note: They have several different kinds of chips, and a few kinds of cookies, as well as candybars, but due to cross-contamination in the food areas, none of the counter service is safe to eat.

But that was OK with us because we were headed to our favorite Yeah! burger for lunch.
Yeah! Burger never disappoints, if you ever find yourself in the Atlanta area, it is a MUST.

The four of us, Brittany & I were best friends when we were little, but they both our families moved and we lost touch until last year when I found her on Instagram though a mutual friend. Social media for the win on this one. We all get along so well, and seriously the lighting that night was amazing, there is no filter on this picture.

We spent some time exploring the Westside area of Atlanta, which has some of our favorites like Star Provisions and the Crafted Westside Pop Up (where you can pick up some awesome DBN goods now through December 24th) and ended up at Jeni's for dessert.

Can you say amazing? How did it take us so long to try this place?

I got the sweet potato & roasted marshmallow flavor, sounds odd, but was amazing! Cameron got vanilla, not as adventurous but still delicious!

The whole weekend was jam packed with food, fun and office reruns. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect time.

Hope your weekend was a good as mine, but it probably wasn't (unless your name is Cameron, Chase or Brittany)


  1. Sweet potato pie as an ice cream flavor? I die.

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