Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tales of ICE and ovens and pies I didn't bake

Busy just seems like it doesn't begin to cover it the last week or so.

This weekend we participated in ICE, a local Indie Fair in Atlanta. Seeing our local friends as well as our lovely fellow vendor friends was quite the treat! Thanks so much for all of the love guys!

Here is a glimpse of our booth {day one}
as usual I mixed it up on Sunday, full recap and fancy photos will come later this week {hopefully} Cameron knocked it out of the park on the display for me, and our typewriter was the star of the show.

But let's back up a little to earlier in the week. Monday we dropped off a box of goods to Crafted Westside who has an adorable Pop Up shop behind Yeah! Burger on Howell Mill Rd. in Atlanta if you are local. You can get the full details on our local events page on the website.

The rest of the week was to be filled with putting the final touches on our product and displays, while also prepping for some friends we have coming into town at the end of this week.

We were productive and did everything right - have I mentioned yet that recently we have been trying to cut down on our TV time? In the past week we have watched maybe 5 hours, which is like record breaking for me - anyway despite all of that something always throws a wrench in our plans when we have a packed week. This time, it was the oven. I literally just joked about getting a new oven the other day. So basically it's my fault that it went out in the midst of me making a pie


That's what I get. So throw in some unplanned trips to best buy, emergency envelope orders, and packaging that is just slightly too small and you have our week in a nutshell!

Then ICE, which was amazing of course, hopefully more on that later this week!

And we are back at Monday again, which is when I began typing this post - if that gives you any indication of the week we are already having - when it rains it pours right? But enough complaining, our friends are coming into town Friday and I can't wait to greet them with a pie that I may or may not have time to bake and take them to some of our favorite Atlanta spots.

Loving the way the Crafted Westside Pop Up shop is coming along, we dropped off another batch of goods there last night. So many amazing local artists. If you are local be sure to drop by that area for Small Business Saturday!

ALSO - be sure to check back here Thursday for a special Black Friday hand-makers sale guide! Loads of awesome shops and great deals! If you want to be included send me an email before tomorrow!

Enough with my crazy person ramble brain dump post... what are you looking forward to this week.


  1. So you're not a pie baker and yet you broke your oven while baking pie? That sounds like something I would do. (Sorry I'm a million years late reading this. I, too, have had issues with the busy side of life taking over.)