Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Favs on Thursdays - Crochet

If you follow me on Instagram {@nicolinaw}, and I think I also might have mentioned it here as well, I have taken up crocheting again.

My friend Brittany taught me a few basics back in February, but honestly the warmer it got the less I wanted to learn more. I am pretty sure this is a fall and winter craft for me. Also, Cameron and I have been working on not watching so much TV, and this is the perfect chill out activity for me.

Thanks to youtube videos and a few blog tutorials, I made a cowl which I LOVE and I am working on a large infinity scarf right now, but I wanted to learn something new so I watched a few more youtube videos and worked on some new stitches (exciting stuff right?) I took apart the scarf I made in February (it was never really the right length) for some practice yarn. 

Then I cam across these cute little crochet bows and I knew this is what I wanted to try next. Now I can't stop making them! Each one gets a little better, and I modified the tutorial I was following a little bit to better suit me. I plan on attaching them to everything!

So today for MY FAVS (a weekly link up with Meghan and Katy) I am sharing some of my resources that helped me get back into it. Also just random youtube searches when I don't know how to do a stitch help a lot!

Next I am working on being able to follow patterns from others and not just replicate what I am seeing someone do. Any great and easy patterns you know of to get me started?

Do you have a hobby you dropped? Get back into it! I am having so much fun learning something new and crafting is good for you!


  1. I've used a loom to knit a scarf, but never done crochet. I might need to look into it! :)

  2. Crochet addict? Welcome to the Dark Side. Muahahahahaha.

  3. I need to learn to crochet, but I'm kind of obsessed with knitting, and can't get my mind off of it! Opps! heh

  4. Very cute! I LOVE the little bows. Also, Katy's comment speaks truth. Little known fact, Corey can crochet.

  5. Crocheting is my favorite winter hobby, it's so addicting although my skills are limited. I want to make scarves for our two new pioneer girls so will have to check out these tutorials.

  6. These bows are just too cute! One day, on my to do list, is to learn to crochet! I've never had the patience.