Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tip Tuesday #38 Etsy Tips For Sellers

Last week I shared my ten Etsy Tips for shoppers, this week I want to focus on the sellers! After nearly 5 years of selling on Etsy I would love to share some of the things we have learned along the way!

1. Know Your Customer: Realizing what you started selling on Etsy is probably not what you will be selling forever. I started selling only digital invites with pinup girls on them. I realized this was not my customer, it isn't what I wanted to sell or who I wanted to sell to.

Once I found my customer, my shop turned into the business that my husband and I were able to quit our jobs to pursue.

2. Add Local Events: Did you know Etsy has this super cool feature that lets you add any local events to your shop page. Just go to https://www.etsy.com/local to add events, find events or show that you are attending events.

3. Don't Be Surprised: This is a huge one. Don't be surprised when ____ people copy you, people ask you the same question 10000x that is answered right there in the listing, people want to cancel there orders (even when your polices say no cancellations), people leave you a negative review even when you didn't do anything wrong. If you take out the element of surprise you are so much less likely to have these things ruin your day and your spirit.

4. Be Kind: This is especially true with those things you shouldn't be surprised by. Someone may not realize they copied you, let it go or send them a nice email if they could please take the item down or change it, only get serious if you need to!

The customer who asks you a question you have answered 10000x today doesn't know that! The best thing I can suggest for this is to save the answer to questions you are often asked as a "snippet" in the convos, that way you don't have to type it.

5. Answer Convos Quickly: This one is very important, and can get very overwhelming very fast! Set aside time each day to answer convos, I really don't think you should leave them unanswered for more than 24 hours, it could make you loose sales, or if there is an issue with an order it could cause the situation to escalate.

6. Take Care of Your Customers First: We all wish we had more time to come up with new ideas, or rearrange our shops, but be sure you are taking care of the customers who have given you money before you take on anything extra = happy customers.

7. Create a Realistic Turnaround Time: Let's be serious. If it takes you 3 weeks to get something in the mail, own it. People will wait if your product is awesome enough! But saying it takes 3-5 business days and customers are waiting 3-5 weeks for their mail to arrive is no good foe any of you.

8. Be Active on Social Media: People want to see the man behind the mask, show them your process and little bits of you life!

9. Participate in Etsy Prototypes: You can read my post on prototypes here. It is the best way to stay up to date and get the best of Etsy.

10. Don't Steal: This should go with out saying but here goes nothing. Playground rules apply here, don't steal someone else's art, idea or customer. If someone comes to you and asks you to recreate something, tell them to go order it from the original designer. Play nice people!


  1. I have an etsy shop and had moderate success for my expectations (don't expect it to be a full time job) but still find something doesn't click. I love your suggestions and am going to consider how I can use them.

  2. I have had to awkwardly explain to so many customers that they should purchase from the original designer instead of having me recreate it for them. I don't want someone to steal my hard work and ingenuity, why should I do it to someone else?

    I started selling crochet hats. And while I still do that, my main focus is state shirts. Willingness to adjust and adapt makes or breaks you.

    Ps. You're my hero and one of the reasons I knew I could hack it in the self-employed world. :)