Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tip Tuesday #37 Etsy Tips for Shoppers

Welcome to the first in a two part series that will give you some awesome Etsy tips (next week I will focus on the seller aspect of things)

Let's talk about shopping. It's how I first found out about Etsy and still enjoy doing it on the daily. Here are some tips that will make your life easier.

1. Coupon Codes: If a seller has a coupon code, most likely they will have it listed in the shop announcement at the top of the page or on one of their social media accounts (which can usually be found in their about page. If you can't find one don't ask, they probably don't have any right now (and it is kind of annoying)

2. Check the Shipping Times: and I want to specify you should do this before you purchase! Every Etsy seller has to select a shipping time frame when they list an item. It can be found in the shipping and policies section of the item. Checking the listing for when the item will be ready to ship will save you from panicking when you don't know what't taking so long.

3. Made to Order means Made to Order: You know how you go to the store and there are a bunch of one item all ready to go and you just pick it up and stick in in your cart? A made to order item is usually the opposite of that. So be patient with the seller, they are making this item just for you and that might take a little more time that you think!

4. Read: This one seems like a no-brainer but even I am guilty of it sometimes. Don't just assume you can tell how big/small something is from the picture, read the listing. Buying something that will be personalized? The instructions for how to get the seller that info will usually be in the listing. Have a question? Sometimes you can save yourself sometime by answering your own question, it's probably in the listing!

Another thing you should read? The reviews, now don't let one customer sway your opinion they may  have just been having a rough day, but usually the reviews can give you a good idea of whether or not this is the item for you.

5. Beware the cheap crap: I really hate that I have to even put this in here, but there is stuff that just shouldn't be on Etsy. Etsy is a handmade/vintage/crafters marketplace but some items have found there way on to the site that just don't belong there. If is a watch that someone is selling for less than a dollar plus shipping, they probably didn't make it. I have had a few friends have orders never show, or randomly get cancelled, it's just not the place for it.

6. Look through all of the pictures: Etsy allows up to five images to be added to a sellers listings. When you are viewing Etsy on a desktop computer, there is a little arrow indicating more images (on the app just swipe the image to see more) There you will usually find important info like color charts, size charts for shirts, item comparisons to see the size of the item HELPFUL STUFF!

7. Tracking: Most (I won't say all) Etsy sellers will update their shipped orders with the tracking info. If they do this when they mark them shipped, you will get a little email from Etsy with all of your info in it. If they do not, and add it later you can find it by logging into Etsy, then going to the PURCHASES & REVIEWS page, find the order. Once it has shipped there will be a blue button that says TRACK PACKAGE this will open up the tracking info for you.

8. Your Item Arrives: Yay! It's arrived, if it's just what you ordered and everything is perfect and wonderful go ahead to tip #9. If it isn't or there is something wrong in any way please do something and attempt to contact the seller before you leave a negative review. It may have gotten overlooked, or been a complete mistake! Most sellers will do what they can to make a situation right.

Now... if you make an attempt to contact the seller, and they are unresponsive and/or unhelpful... by all means proceed to tip #9 and write about your experience.

9. Leave a Review: When you leave a review on Etsy you do two things, you give the seller X our of 5 stars, and then you type a message. This could also say leave a thoughtful review, especially if you loved the item let people know about it, and include anything you think that might be helpful to someone thinking of purchasing. (side note: don't leave a review for 4 stars without leaving a reason for the lack of 5 star review, it makes us all wonder what we did wrong!)

10. Sharing is Caring: You want to know the number one thing all sellers love... seeing there items in action. Send us all the pictures please! And be sure to tag the seller/maker in the pictures, it totally makes our day!

Sellers! Be sure to read next weeks post to get my 10 tips for sellers!


  1. These are great! I've been buying on Etsy for years and some I've had to learn the hard way. Fantastic tips for buyers. Can't wait to read the seller tips.

  2. Yes I have too! Hopefully that makes us more understanding to our own customers.

  3. Love this. I think Etsy has become less of a niche market and more people are learning about shopping on there...and it sometimes makes it harder on the sellers when people are expecting a large box store experience.

    Searching for local shops is also super fun! It's limited in my small area but it's fun to know that you're buying from and supporting someone in your own back yard. :)

  4. This is great! As an Etsy seller, I can tell you that there are many buyers that need these tips!