Friday, October 17, 2014

Portfolio: Hayes Made

Sharing another page of my portfolio today, and giving you a look at Hayes Made. I designed this logo for Meghan of Hayes Days for her to use on her handmade items.

We wanted something simple, and cute that had a handmade feel.

We went back and forth with whether or not we should add color, and ultimately decided to keep it simple and stick with black and white.

A lot of Meghan's items will be sewn, so I wanted to incorporate that in the stitching effect around the name. But I didn't want to make it so sewing specific that she couldn't branch out into other things.

Meghan also knows her way around some design programs pretty well, so she would be using this logo to design her own tags and business cards.

We can work with any needs you might have to come up with something perfect. Feel free to send me an email via the CONTACT ME page above, and we can chat!


  1. And I LOVE it still! I can't wait to use it! I miss my sewing endeavors so badly.