Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Portfolio: B Street SixtyOne

Playing a little bit of catch up today and showing off a brand I worked on a few months ago. B STREET sixty-one, a custom clothing and accessories brand run by Karen Smiley-Speas.

She needed something that would work to build her brand, and all the avenues she might expand into. We wanted to keep it classic and simple, but have a little fun with color combos. I love how black and navy complement each other and adding that hot pink in there was just the thing to make the design come together.
Of course, something I love to do in all of my designs, but especially logos, is to mix fonts. So I used Luella as the main font and Ondise to accent it.

Karen also requested a logo for her events she hosts, where customers can come work on a project as well as enjoy drinks and appetizers. She calls it Sip and Sew, for that we used the same fonts and colors, but just mixed it up a bit.

You can check out B STREET sixty-one on Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Love the branding. But I especially love the idea of a Sip and Sew. Sign me up!