Monday, October 13, 2014

Madewell Fall Event

On Saturday, Meghan from Hayes Days and I headed to Downtown Atlanta to attend Cat + Mouse and Madewell's fall fashion event.

I first met the lovely artist behind Cat + Mouse at ICE Atlanta over the summer, she is a fellow local artist. When I saw on her Instagram page that she was teaming up with Madewell for a Fall Fashion event I knew I had to attend!

She drew the entire fall line, and she had lots of cute things available for purchase.

After saying hello (and picking up a few things from her) Meghan and I did some shopping.

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The fact that it was 89* outside here, didn't make me want to try on too many Fall items, not to mention their sale section was fully stocked (and an additional 40% off) I ended up with this dress.
I hope Meghan would agree with me on this, but the dress looks WAY WAY WAY better on someone with some shape than it does on this model.

But I did add some Fall items to my wish list like these

Of course we had to make an Anthro stop. I just love looking around, and shopping, that store. I could live in Anthro.
Then we headed over to the new Kate Spade store that moved from Lenox to Phipps a few months ago. I just love the back wall, it really is so happy! And the floors, I mean come on. Every detail in this shop is perfect.

and of course, I added a few more things to my mental love list. You can't have too many purses right?

How was your weekend?


  1. Yes, Meghan does agree that the dress is fabulous on! We had a pretty amazing Saturday didn't we? :)

  2. Looks like your weekend was so fabulous!! Love to see your love of Anthro - I just started working there as a stylist! I'm already having a difficult time not spending my entire paycheck! haha

    xx Jordan

    & Violet

  3. Oh I bet! Which Anthro are you at in NYC? Are you still with Rent the Runway as well?

  4. No more RTR.. just Anthro for now! :) I'm at 16th and 5th!

  5. I've never once stepped foot in an Anthro. Nor do I own anything from there. But apparently it's a thing I should do sometime in my life. :)

  6. Awesome, hoping to get up there soon, we will have to stop by!