Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brita Filtered Water Bottle | My Favs on Thursdays

It's Thursday and that means Meghan, Katy and I are sharing one of our FAV things. This week I am so excited to tell you about this awesome Brita filtered water bottle.

I am all about staying hydrated. In fact did you know that 75% of people in America are chronically dehydrated? I can cause all sorts of things that can make you feel bad, and I can tell when I am not drinking enough. So anytime we are headed somewhere the first thing I think about is packing water, and making sure we have enough.

In this house someone, who shall remain nameless ahem: Cameron, has a water bottle problem. So much so that we have an entire cabinet full of a water bottle for every purpose you could imagine. Big, little, mid-sized, insulated, squeeze, straw and a few mason jar tumblers which I will take credit for.

This summer we attended an event in Atlanta, that we stayed in a hotel for. It was three days where we would be gone all day, and need to bring a packed lunch. I immediately thought about water, was I going to bring a case of water to the hotel? Carry around several disposable bottles all day, and just throw them away? Carry one and fill them with tap water, yuck?

Then I remembered seeing these bottles. You fill them up with tap water on the go, and as you sip the water through the straw it filters it for you. After finding a coupon to purchase them at Target, we decided to give them a try.

They worked awesome! The water came through the straw tasting like perfect, filtered water every time. The filters are replaceable and pretty inexpensive being that they last so long. And the bottles themselves come in many different sizes and styles.

I think they will be awesome to take to Disney with us this year, and they are great to have with you when you know you will be out all day.

I would buy them again, and would recommend them to anyone! That's why they are my FAV thing this week.

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, Brita DOT NOT provide this for review, I bought it with my own monies and all great opinions are from my own brain

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  1. I can relate to the abundance of water bottles issue. Every time I would pull mine out to refill it I would forget that I needed to replace the filter thing.

  2. My problem with water is that it never stays cold enough. And any water that isn't ice cold tastes like the inside of my mouth and is crazy unappealing to me. That's why I have a major crush on my HydroFlask. Because it keeps water cold FOREVER and is cute and purple. :)

  3. I took one of these bottles on my last Disney trip because of a tip I read online and it was a lifesaver . Florida water tastes gross to me but this filtered it so I could refill at all the water fountains. It's now a must on my Disney packing list.

  4. These are such a great idea! Between running around to the school, fabric shopping, service and normal errands this would really save me a lot of money. We buy water bottles all the time. Thanks for the review!

  5. The filter lasts MONTHS, something like 6-8 months so I am not too worried about it!

  6. I remember when you got that! Haha!

  7. YES, I actually made sure it would fit in my new pack I got for Disney this trip. Cameron doesn't mind the taste of FL water, but it's not my fav. Plus you can get a cold cup of tap water from any counter service place and run it through the filer!

  8. I love it for service too! I HATE buying water out haha