Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Coffee Date

In real life, my favorite way to catch up with friends is with a good old fashioned coffee date. Today mine would be free because Starbucks let me know a little bit ago that I have a free drink this month! Woo Hoo!

I wish we could all sit down and have a nice latte together and talk about our feelings. But we can't, so this will have to do.

If we were on a coffee date today, I would start by talking about how excited I am for our upcoming trip to DISNEY. I really can hardly contain myself. In just about two weeks we will be in our favorite spot. I would talk about how I feel sad for people who don't get why Disney is a place worth visiting. But also I am a little overwhelmed because there is really so much to be done.

I would love to over-plan, and that stresses Cameron out, so we try and meet in the middle which almost always involves us staying up until 2am the night before we go anywhere. I am really trying hard to avoid that this time by planning the shop closure and making sure we are staying ahead of work now.

(and be sure not to show him all the crazy person lists I have hidden on my iPad)

I would talk about how I can tell the full-moon is coming because all of the crazies (customers) come out and our dog Geno acts crazy. Yesterday he ran circles in the living room for a good two min before passing out asleep in the middle of the carpet. See the adorable aftermath below for reference.

I would try to explain to you how excited I am that we will get to see our great friends Chase & Brittany next month when they pass through our area on their way to a wedding. We haven't seen them since February and I miss their faces!

After the light stuff, eventually I would get to the fact that I am worried about my Grandpa's, both of them have been in/out of the hospital recently with different issues. It just hurts to see two men who have done so much in their lives get older, and struggle to do what they used to.

Then I would probably show you this awesome picture of my Grandpa Torlief and his crew at Bethel, photo ©aifoto on instagram, he's the cute white haired one in the glasses.

But mostly I would go on and on about how thankful I am to have a friend like you that let's me ramble on and on and on while you drink your coffee and wonder if I will ever shut up.

What would you share over coffee?


  1. So sorry to hear that your Grandfathers aren't having the easiest of times right now. But you are so right. Grandpa Torlief is the cutest person alive.

    I'd share with you that I'm still not getting a flow with my work-from-home schedule and I'm trying to make it better. I need to schedule computer time so I can actually keep up with my favorite bloggers and have more design-work time. It's tough.

  2. I want to have time for a coffee date! Oy!