Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Favs On Thursdays - The Target Cartwheel App

There is little I love more than shopping at Target. When Cam and I first got married we were about 5 min away from Target and had very little extra money for outings.

We would have Target dates, walking the back aisles trying to find the best deals on things to fill our apartment.

Even though we live a little farther from Target now, we still love going. Even more so now that they released the Target Cartwheel app. I have mentioned it to a few people recently and they hadn't head of it. So I thought I would share it as my fav this week.

Believe me, once you give it a try you will be hooked!

Download the app, and sign up. Cartwheel gives you a certain amount of spots to fill with coupons. If you sign with Facebook, you get extra slots based on if your friends join and save as well.

The great thing about this app is all your coupons attach to one barcode, which also links to your passbook if you are using an iPhone.

The offers tab is where you can find all the coupon options, usually the coupons range from 5%-20%.

The offers are organized by section if you are looking for something in particular. But what I like best is to use the scan product button (you can see from the main menu graphic above) you scan the barcode of a product and it tells you if that product has an offer or not.

Once you have loaded up your card, you can exit the offer menu and head back to my barcode. All of your saved offers are listed, as well as loaded on to your barcode.

Just show it to your cashier at checkout.

I have had it not work once or twice, especially when it first came out, and they just asked to see all the offers and they did it manually. So I have probably saved a bit more than the $28.04 it shows, and I have forgotten to use it a few times. But the savings really do add up!

Have you used cartwheel? Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. I love the fact that you can scan the barcodes of whatever you have in your shopping cart and see if there is a deal. Obviously, when I shop I'll scan each brand to see if there is a savings or whats the best deal (one time I found brand name sugar cheaper than the market pantry brand). That way I just buy what I need and if I get a deal great, if not - next time!

  2. I love it, too! Sometimes I forget, but I think I've saved around $70! 5% doesn't seem like much, but it adds up! Especially when you shop at Target as much as I do! HA! The Target brand diapers are ALWAYS 5% off in the app and I love that!

  3. I LOVE the Cartwheel App! I use it each time I shop. My only complaint about it is I wish it worked online. You can find the cheapest clothes on sale online with Target and I can never get the mobile app to sync with my checkout order with Cartwheel. Any tips?