Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney Brain

I posted about my serious case of Disney Brain on my Instagram account yesterday. Thanks so much for all of your support, it is so nice to see that I am not the only one who suffers from this.
Some people get it, some people don't but yes we are going back to Disney to celebrate our 4th anniversary in October.

And we couldn't be more excited! We are staying some place I have never stayed before, Coronado Springs. (side note: of all the times Cam went to Disney as a kid, the only time he really remembers was when his family stayed at Coronado Springs, he remembers the refillable cups and the food court in the hotel)  Have you ever stayed at Coronado Springs? I would love your tips/thoughts.

I am also exited to check out all of the new/refurbished things since the last time we were there about a year ago. We are also trying some new restaurants that we haven't done before (anyone have thoughts on Chefs de France?)

It is also the first time we will be doing Disney gluten-free. There is lots of good information on, and Disney even has a whole section on their site (and a special email address) for you to ask about any special diet needs. And as always Disney customer service reigns supreme. Within 10 min of sending my email I had first a confirmation email from Disney telling me they received my request, and shortly after an email answering my questions. So I am looking forward to sharing my tips, and food recommendations for doing Disney gluten free!

Another thing that YOU guys can be looking forward to is all of the amazing Disney inspired shop features and giveaways we have planned over the next month.

Are you a shop that sells Disney inspired items, send me an email for more information! designsbynicolina(at)gmail(dot)com

So what's your favorite thing to do at Disney? Any questions you have that I might be able to answer? Also visit Meghan at for more Disney information.


  1. we are heading down in two excited!!

  2. So much fun!
    Be sure to download our printable countdown!

  3. I already did!! I actually have a Disney blog :)

  4. My disney onslaught won't start for another two weeks, but thanks for the link! Happy y'all are getting to go back again!

  5. Chefs de France is AMAZING. One of my favorite places in Disney for sure. Last time I got the mac and cheese and the chocolate mousse and oh. my. good. ness. I literally melted right there in the restaurant, Jordan was embarrassed to be seen with me. Definitely the most decadent, rich, delicious food I've ever tasted!

  6. I totally get it. My husband and I have been three times since we've been married , last time was in 2013 to celebrate our 5 year anniversary . I went growing up but he didn't but thankfully he loves it as much as me. Our favorite resort is art of animation. Even though its a value resort the themeing and creativity of it blows us away and gives us a full Disney experience. My favorite restaurant is Be Our Guest. It felt like you were in the movie, it was incredible . We're one year out from our next trip and I can't wait.