Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Mess

I started this post, called Monday goals, on Sunday night. Now it is Thursday. I should be sharing a post about my fav thing this week, but since my Monday post got pushed to Thursday, expect that sometime next month.

That should give you some indication on how I have tried and failed to get my act together this week.

I promised of July/August custom work this week, the post office banged up a few custom orders (side note: did you know that when you file a claim with the usps they want to know the cost of the item PREpostage, then if your claim gets approved you get the amount of the product back but they don't reimburse you the postage, what sense does that make) and it has been BEAUTIFUL here all week, not August HOTlanta weather at all, which makes us all restless to get outside.

The post office screw up did however inspire some new packaging stickers, because apparently stamping DO NOT BEND all over the package isn't enough.
Generally speaking I am a perfectionist. I would rather do nothing, than do something I know I can't put everything into. So I have been ignoring the blog. But I need to remember to strive for progress not perfection.

With that being said, I have some fresh posts coming at you starting Monday, and some new things I can't wait to show off! Oh and welcome to all of the new blog followers! So glad you are here!


  1. They sure are cute stickers! Though I know your postal lady will probably still bend them. Grrr...

  2. HA! Love those new stickers! Hopefully they don't keep bending them out of spite...

  3. THANKS, either way the post office will have to pay!