Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Jewelry Hanger

Today I am sharing a simple and easy DIY. This jewelry holder is a great way to organize your jewelry as well as bring some color to your bathroom or closet.

Here is what you will need for the project

I got everything I needed between Michaels and Home Depot. The knobs and brushes I had, and it was about a $10 project once you included the wall hanging supplies. (Not pictured E6000 glue to attach knobs)

The first thing I did was decide where I wanted BAUBLE to go, then I arranged my letters. Make sure you get the edges ALL THE WAY pushed down. That way when you paint you are sure to get sharp lines.

Remove the letters promptly (but carefully) after you paint over them, the letters got stickier the longer they were there and I had to do some touch-ups by the time I got to the "E"

Next I attached the knobs using E6000 glue, make sure you dry overnight before you try and hang anything on the knobs!

Cameron used simple picture hangers to attach it to the wall. What do you think, is DIY worth a try?


  1. Love this! Love the color, the letters and the knobs. You made it look so easy.

  2. This is adorable Nicole!! I love that you left the wood exposed for the letters too.

  3. Thanks! Originally I was going to paint it all the yellow, but I thought those letters were so cool, and it just kind of evolved!