Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Favs On Thursdays

My Favs on Thursdays is a fun place to come share one of your FAV things each week! Katy, Meghan and I would love for you to come link up with us to share some of your favs. 

Thanks to Katy & Meghan for keeping this going the last few weeks while I have been too busy to write about my favs, also I was having some blog-block and a little break was exactly what I needed!

Today I want to talk about my addiction love of Moleskine notebooks.

I have always been a paper lover, kinda why I started DBN in the first place. No matter how "digital" I go these days, I can't seem to give up notebooks. I love having ideas down on paper, and a good quality notebook makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am still so excited about the deal I got on these usually pricy (but worth it) notebooks. The 3 pack of the large size, for $6.99. We may have gone a little crazy and bought up their stock, but hey we won't need notebooks for a while.

When we were in NYC last year we went to the Moleskine store in SOHO, talk about a dream. Every notebook, paper type, color, limited edition, you name it... was there. It is a must add to your to-do in NYC list.

SOHO Moleskine Store picture via Foursquare

Are you a paper addict just like me? What's your notebook of choice?


  1. Welcome back. ;)
    I'm not quite to your level. But I find myself wanting to buy notebooks, pens and paper goods all of the time. Especially when I don't need them. I'm drawn to them.

  2. Trust me, I'm a huge fan of notebooks and would be in heaven at the Moleskine store! In my "day job" I sell a lot of notebooks and just love getting to do fun projects where we can customize them. I don't often get to make them as pretty, since they're for corporate use, but I love new notebooks!

    xo Jackie

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