Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Favs on Thursdays Stella & Dot

I am so excited to have some girls over for a night of fun & jewels tomorrow night, and hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show!

I have a few S&D items from past trunk shows and one of my lovely friends Becky who is a lovely stylist in Texas, and I have been so impressed with their quality and design.

You can shop my trunk show online here... Here are a few things on my wish-list right now.
The Getaway Bag in multi-stripe, that middle zipper expands to make the bag even bigger. It is the perfect bag for a weekend away, and right now if you order any of the Getaway bags you get to pick out a Hang On bag for free!

I have one of these, and I have gotten rid of all of my other jewel/bathroom organizers. It is amazing! 

I am SO excited to shop these engravable items at my trunk-show, if you are interested in placing an order for those, contact my trunk show stylist Karen!
I am a sucker for a sparkling pair of stud earrings, they come in a few other colors as well, and they are all so cute!

The Juniper necklace is on super sale right now, and would be the cutest addition to any summer outfit!
As far as statement pieces go, the Norah bracelet is perfect! It would go great with everything from sundresses to cocktail dresses!

I wish all of you could come over to my place for wine + shopping fun, but because you can't shop my trunk show online! AND total bonus... You will get $25 to spend next month when you spend $50 this month!

And because you guys don't get wine and macarons for coming to my show, by shopping my event online, you get to enter to win a DBN gift pack!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cranberry Aloe Detox Drink

Since Cameron and I started eating gluten free in December (he has an allergy to it) we have noticed some pretty positive changes. We both lost weight, we feel better, all of our other allergies (seasonal, food, environmental) have all improved as well.

After about 4 months though we kind of hit a weight-loss plateau. After a friend told us about some of the benefits of drinking aloe, we did a little research and found this article.

We decided to give this drink a try!

We messed with the recipe a bit (not enough water = too tart to drink, too much aloe = tastes like a sunburn) And found this to be the best combo.

4 oz Cranberry
(make sure it is JUST cranberry, no added fruit flavors, no added sugar)
4 oz Aloe
8 oz Water

These are the brands they have locally at Publix


All in all drinking this daily has made us both feel better, and helped us drop a few more pounds each (mostly bloat I think). We can both notice a difference when we don't drink it. I would definalry recommend you give it a try!

SIDE NOTE - This stuff is expensive at Publix, I have been able to find the cranberry cheaper at Kroger but not by much. Let me know if you have seen it for a good deal!)

Learn all about the many reasons to start your day with this drink here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Thoughts

I was feeling kind of burnt out most of last week, creatively, personally and overall just a little overwhelmed.

Friday we had a very fun graduation party for one of my sisters' friends. It was at Little Gardens in Lilburn, Georgia and it was BEAUTIFUL. I had never been to that venue and I was blown away with how pretty the scene is.

Our friend Melanie who is an awesome baker made these gluten-free cupcakes for us and they were so yummy!
The memory jar, each guest was asked to leave a favorite memory with the Grad, and drop it in the jar. Fun guest book idea!

Cassidy and I in front of the gorgeous garden backdrop.

I planned on making up for my lack of motivation over the weekend but I ended up just relaxing and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. So I decided today we were going to have an ANTI Monday.

We got up early and got our Monday tasks completed and headed to Atlanta for some of our favorite things. Yeah! Burger, and shopping, followed up by Starbucks.

It was kind of nice to have a day-date, and now I feel like I am ready to kick the rest of the week in the butt!

What's your favorite way to beat a case of the Mondays?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Warby Parker Home Try On

After a less than impressive visit to the Costco vision center, and one pair of glasses purchased and returned (let's just say this is my formal don't go to Costco for glasses statement) I once again am sticking with my current favorite Warby Parkers.

I sent away for my 5 Try Ons (they send you 5 pairs, for 5 days) on Sunday and got them in the mail today. I need your help choosing which frames I should get! Any and all opinions welcome!

See all of the glasses on Ainsworth Elderberry (these are actually my current pair of glasses just in a different color) | Ballard Striped Chestnut | Chamberlain Saddle Sage | Seymour Tennessee Whiskey Welty Plum Marblewood |

LEGAL STUFF: Warby Parker didn't send me anything for free or pay me to do this, I just think they are awesome all by myself.