Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Indie South Fair Recap

May 3rd & 4th we participated in Indie South Fair's Springtacular in Athens, GA. It was our first outdoor fair, so we were both nervous and excited to get the booth up and have a little more space and fresh air than the show in December.

Have I mentioned we have the most amazing friends who serve as our extra hands and help when we need it and accept payment in the form of lunch and unlimited thank you notes? This is Kelsey and even though people think we are sisters, we are not, just the best of friends.

We had the perfect space on the corner, please ignore the not too professional tent "weights" we only almost all blew away once.

Greeting card display Cameron made, complete with a chalkboard surface, nail ledges and twine to keep the cards in place.

Sunday we were assisted by the lovely Meghan of and then her hubby and brother in law helped us break down the booth when it was time to pack up which was an awesome help because by that point it was very HOT.

Thanks Athens, we had a great time and made some new customers & friends, even got to meet some customers in person who until then were only insta-friends.


  1. This almost makes me want to do a booth again. Almost. It's so much work but so worth it at the same time. Everything looked great!! (You girls included!)