Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

It is Friday and like it or not we are still working at 5 o'clock #lifeofanentrepreneur

I just sent over these logo design mockups to my good friend Meghan, from as she is launching her new brand Hayes Made. You can check out her brand on Instagram (@hayesmade_)

Which of the mockups is your favorite?

I shopped online the majority of yesterday (which is probably why I am a day behind on work) and I ordered an adorable swimsuit from Aerie (because I like their bras + panties best, and I figured a swimsuit is kind of like that) I hope it fits! Where is your favorite place to get swimsuits

We are going to the beach in a little over a week and I have a very short list of things I needed to get before the trip. I have crossed almost all of them of the list except for a book, I asked earlier on my Instagram but any suggestions for a good beach read?

My very first Artsy Crush came today and I am totally smitten! I shared in on my shopdbn Instagram, but here it is again

she is all booked up for June but follow @artsyanthropology on Instagram, she always posts when they are about to be open for sale!

I snagged an old typewriter at a yard sale last weekend for $3! You really can't beat that deal! We are planning on spray painting it and using it as a part of our display at Ice Atlanta this summer. I am so excited!


  1. I am still so torn about the logo. I wish I could keep them all!

  2. I like the top left logo the best! I really love the cursive. 2nd choice is bottom right...I have a thin for black and white logos :)