Tuesday, April 29, 2014


If there is anything Cam and I have learned owning our own business it is that anything that can go wrong WILL. It has taught us a few things, chocolate and a walk around the block with Geno fixes all the things, and to always have a backup plan.

For example: We came back home from a weekend away, with a tight deadline to get out orders on time, I load the paper in the printer, que the order up to print, and there it was an ERROR message from my trusty printer.

There would have been no way for us to get a new printer here and set up for those orders to ship on schedule.

Thank goodness for our backup plan{s}! About an hour, and hands covered in ink later problem solved, I turned two broken printers into one working one. Thanks to our printer graveyard in the other room. But in case that didn't work out, we always have a printer on standby for times like this.

Run your own business? Make your own backup plan!

Think of all the things that can break, malfunction, or give out at a moments notice. Can you get them locally? Would getting them the next day cost you an arm and leg to ship to you? If any of them would throw your schedule off MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP PLAN.

That way in the heat of frustration that is something going wrong, because believe me, it NEVER happens when you are a week ahead on work and have all the time in the world to replace the item, you have a plan.

So what are some of the things you have on backup?


  1. Does having lots of available alcohol count as a backup plan? ;)

  2. PS. Do you love Disqus yet? I do!

  3. Katy needs an extra set of hands as a back up plan. ;)

  4. There has never been a truer statement ever made.