Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life Lately

The lack of regular posts here are 100% the fault of a busy life. Cameron and I have basically been running since February, and it hasn't let up!

It is wedding season, so that means more invites are heading out the door than anything else. We love working to make someones special day magical, but they take way longer than art prints!

We are also working on some awesome new product shots, to put on our NEW WEBSITE which we hope to have up and running by May 1st

We got accepted to Indie South Fair's Springtacular, click here to see the Etsy local event, so we are excited to see all of our local customers again! May 3rd & 4th in Athens, GA

AND all of this is on top of a busier than usual personal life as well

Thank you to all the kind emails and texts about my Grandfather when I posted last week. He had his procedure Monday and they are keeping him through the week to monitor his heart. And like they always say, when it rains it pours. So basically anything that could have happened this week has!

I hope it will be calming down in the coming days and week, but maybe this is just our new norm, I hope to find more time to blog and work on our website because I miss it! What have you been up to? Miss me or didn't even know I was gone?!