Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Be kind. For everyone you know is fighting a hard battle.

It has been a busy week/month to say the least over in our world. Not only with orders, wedding & graduation season, but also with family stuff, some good {a really good family friend surprised us with a visit while she was in town for a work conference} and some not so good {my grandpa who got a pacemaker over the summer is having some issues with it. Taxes, health insurance and the post office aren't making things any easier.

It is times like this when it is hard running a small business. As a team, we work hard to get everyone's messages responded to, orders out and packed up and sent on their way in a very timely manner. We take every email, message, feedback personally, because it is personal to us. Anyone who works in customer service knows that people aren't always the kindest when it comes to dealing with issues that they might have or concerns with their order.

succulents & pots from ikea

So I am putting this out their, for sellers and buyers alike. Be a little bit kinder to everyone. Give people the benefit of the doubt and remember that the person you are sending a message to has a life just like you, and you don't know how their day has been. I promise you will both feel better in the end, having been kind, and PS. I always respond to nice emails first!


  1. Nice emails always get priority! I hate feeling like I disappointed someone, especially a customer. Always best to be kind. Smother them in kindness in the hopes that they'll return it or pass it along.

  2. And if the emails are extra mean, I take a little more time to respond just so I'm not mean in response. :) I think everyone should be required to work in customer service at some point in their lives so they understand how stressful it really is to try and make everyone happy.

  3. Amen! If patients (and people in general) only knew that being kinder would get them so much further.

  4. a very good reminder. this past month was hard for many people in my life with different health issues and surprises, but you would NEVER know from just talking briefly with them. SO your blog post rings very true.

  5. always a lovely reminder. when the going gets tough, i remind myself of a shakespeare quote: "the people who are hardest to love need it the most."