Friday, March 14, 2014


We are welcoming our newest client The Aubergine Pen this week, and we can't wait to make her branding perfect! If you want to follow along with our creative inspiration process check out the pinboard below!

Lots of people do follow friday on Instagram but I thought I would start doing it here. I would love it if you would go follow my friends Brittany, Katy & Meghan on Instagram. Brittany is getting ready to open her own vintage shop on Etsy and Katy & Meghan are just awesome. So go show them some love and let them know I sent you!

I used to try and wear heels more, but I came to the realization that I love wearing flats. I feel more comfortable and more myself in them, but I need flats with more support than my $5 Target flats {as much as I love them} So I have been looking at Tieks. I am trying to decide between these two colors

Navy & Chestnut, which would you get? Anyone have a pair, I would love to hear your thoughts!

I really am going to try to complete a DIY project this weekend and tell you all about it on Monday. My plans went cray cray when my craft stuff was a mess which somehow resulted in me completely redoing our entire office!

Many of you have commented on my new blog signature. It is actually my handwriting and I am thinking of offering it as an option in my shop.

You sign your signature, and scan it into the computer, then send it to me and I will work my design magic. Any takers? Just send me an email!


  1. 1. Thanks for inspiring me to be awesome! 2. Navy 3. Expect and email soon. :P

  2. 1.) Excited to see what you do for them.
    2.) You are the sweetest. Like dripping with sugar.
    3.) I say chestnut. Only because it would be universal to wear with so many things.
    4.) Yay DIY! I am thinking about getting some ideas out of my head this weekend too.
    5.) My signature is my handwriting too. It makes me feel extra cool. ;)

  3. If you haven't decided already, I say navy. I like how the teal accents it better, and will go well with more outfits.