Monday, March 17, 2014


I have been wanting to make a sequined shirt ever since I saw the post on A Beautiful Mess last week {original post here} So this weekend my friend and I decided to get our DIY on!

We got some plain t-shirts from Old Navy, and picked up the rest of the supplies that I didn't have at home from Hobby Lobby {sequin trim & fabric glue}

I think the hardest part was picking what we wanted our shirts to say. I went with an & and Kelsey went with 'y'all".

Once I set out the ampersand, I realized the one I printed didn't look so much like an ampersand. So I decided to wing it - I do not recommend this course of action. While I think it turned out cute, it was stressful and I eventually decided to at least do a rough sketch in chalk before I started gluing.

For my other shirt I had a bit more of a plan. I used the word 'hello' in Bombshell Pro font. I cut it out of the paper and used washi tape to keep it in place while I did my chalk outline. You can see in the "h" in hello that it was easier to round some of the corners by trimming back some of the paper as you go.

 Overall I think they turned out really cute! What do you think?


  1. Cute cute! I saw this tutorial and almost thought to make it myself. I've got loose sequins though...I wonder if that'd make it harder or easier to deal with.

  2. That hello shirt is super cute!! Great font :) I've been meaning to try this when I saw it on ABM as well. It turned out great girl!

  3. Looks like the turned out great!