Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Be kind. For everyone you know is fighting a hard battle.

It has been a busy week/month to say the least over in our world. Not only with orders, wedding & graduation season, but also with family stuff, some good {a really good family friend surprised us with a visit while she was in town for a work conference} and some not so good {my grandpa who got a pacemaker over the summer is having some issues with it. Taxes, health insurance and the post office aren't making things any easier.

It is times like this when it is hard running a small business. As a team, we work hard to get everyone's messages responded to, orders out and packed up and sent on their way in a very timely manner. We take every email, message, feedback personally, because it is personal to us. Anyone who works in customer service knows that people aren't always the kindest when it comes to dealing with issues that they might have or concerns with their order.

succulents & pots from ikea

So I am putting this out their, for sellers and buyers alike. Be a little bit kinder to everyone. Give people the benefit of the doubt and remember that the person you are sending a message to has a life just like you, and you don't know how their day has been. I promise you will both feel better in the end, having been kind, and PS. I always respond to nice emails first!

Monday, March 17, 2014


I have been wanting to make a sequined shirt ever since I saw the post on A Beautiful Mess last week {original post here} So this weekend my friend and I decided to get our DIY on!

We got some plain t-shirts from Old Navy, and picked up the rest of the supplies that I didn't have at home from Hobby Lobby {sequin trim & fabric glue}

I think the hardest part was picking what we wanted our shirts to say. I went with an & and Kelsey went with 'y'all".

Once I set out the ampersand, I realized the one I printed didn't look so much like an ampersand. So I decided to wing it - I do not recommend this course of action. While I think it turned out cute, it was stressful and I eventually decided to at least do a rough sketch in chalk before I started gluing.

For my other shirt I had a bit more of a plan. I used the word 'hello' in Bombshell Pro font. I cut it out of the paper and used washi tape to keep it in place while I did my chalk outline. You can see in the "h" in hello that it was easier to round some of the corners by trimming back some of the paper as you go.

 Overall I think they turned out really cute! What do you think?

Friday, March 14, 2014


We are welcoming our newest client The Aubergine Pen this week, and we can't wait to make her branding perfect! If you want to follow along with our creative inspiration process check out the pinboard below!

Lots of people do follow friday on Instagram but I thought I would start doing it here. I would love it if you would go follow my friends Brittany, Katy & Meghan on Instagram. Brittany is getting ready to open her own vintage shop on Etsy and Katy & Meghan are just awesome. So go show them some love and let them know I sent you!

I used to try and wear heels more, but I came to the realization that I love wearing flats. I feel more comfortable and more myself in them, but I need flats with more support than my $5 Target flats {as much as I love them} So I have been looking at Tieks. I am trying to decide between these two colors

Navy & Chestnut, which would you get? Anyone have a pair, I would love to hear your thoughts!

I really am going to try to complete a DIY project this weekend and tell you all about it on Monday. My plans went cray cray when my craft stuff was a mess which somehow resulted in me completely redoing our entire office!

Many of you have commented on my new blog signature. It is actually my handwriting and I am thinking of offering it as an option in my shop.

You sign your signature, and scan it into the computer, then send it to me and I will work my design magic. Any takers? Just send me an email!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

MY FAVS ON THURSDAYS | Pantone Spring 2014

As always linking up with Katy & Meghan and sharing our favs! Want to join in? Be sure to share the link to your post in the comments below.

Today I am sharing the Pantone Spring 2014 color report and some of my favs for Spring.

I am really loving Radiant Orchid, Freesia and Dazzling Blue. I already have some pieces in my closet that I know will bring me into Spring nicely!

As far as design goes, I already have seen Hemlock & Sand used a lot in weddings this year, and I think Freesia & Sand as well as Hemlocak & Cayenne will be popular combos for Spring/Summer weddings.

You can read the full write up on Pantone's website. What is your favorite color or combo?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SPRING | Tina Elizabeth Photography

It is finally getting warm around here, flowers are blooming and we are working on some new designs.We are so excited to share some new product shots from photographer Tina Elizabeth if you are in the New York or New Jersey area keep her in mind for any photo needs, especially weddings!

I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere | Lover of the Light | Starbucks & Disney | Wake Up & Smell the Coffee | Macaroon Card

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TIP TUESDAY # 31 Add A Pinterest Profile to your Blog

Pinterest is an awesome way to get more traffic to your blog, and eventually your shop if you are a blogging - shop owner like me!

Making sure people can find all of your social media accounts on your blog can be really beneficial. So today's Tip Tuesday is about adding a Pinterest board or profile widget to your blog. It is really easy once you know where to go!

Click HERE to open up the Pinterest Widget Builder, it looks like this

The next thing you want to do is decide what you want to display, a sample of your most recent pins from your profile, OR a specific board on your page. I want to show off my profile, so I clicked on PROFILE WIDGET

Replace the the text after the / with your username {see where mine says "nicolina" now}

If you want a basic square, click SQUARE, a long and skinny one choose HEADER, and if you want to make a custom one, click ROLL YOUR OWN

If you want to roll your own, this next step is for you, if you choose one of the pre-designed ones go ahead to the next step

Fill out the form with your dimensions, if you are unsure, guess and check and keep changing the dimensions and clicking preview until it looks right!

Once you are happy with your preview or want to test it out on your blog scroll below the preview to the code box.

Copy the code and paste it into an html widget on your blog's layout page!

Preview it on your blog and you can check out mine on my sidebar! As always I will be happy to answer any questions you have if you leave them in the comments!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Before pinterest, before Designs by Nicolina, I was the kid in school who loved projects because it meant I got to get my puffy glitter paint and poster board out.

Then I had to start my own business and grow up and do my own laundry and I have less time to be a craft lady. So I am going to try to set a goal to accomplish at least one non DBN related project per month just for me so I don't lose my crafty lady license, is there such a thing, next months free printable perhaps?

So here are my project inspirations for this weekend, what do you think I should do? Find out Monday for my full project info and the grand-reveal!

Also on my list, fabric headbands, more yarn crochet projects, and breaking out my silhouette machine that has been collecting dust recently.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love and have always loved being crafty. The busier Designs by Nicolina gets the less time I have for being my crafty self. So when we were away this past weekend and my friend offered to teach me how to crochet. I jumped on the opportunity and now I am happy to report that crocheting is my FAV thing this Thursday.

I bought two skeins of yarn and a cute pink crochet hook at Joann's in Kentucky and I have been hooked ever since! I made a headband while Brittany checked my work, and then I started on my next project.

I took it fully apart one time, and then half way back apart the next day. The stitch where I joined the two ends together could be better, and if I am being picky I needed like 5 more inches of yarn. But for being my very first project I am SUPER proud of myself.

So now I need to know from my crocheting friends, where is the best place to buy yarn?  Best online tutorials to learn stitches {I only know single stitch} and what hooks should I have in my tool-kit?