Thursday, February 13, 2014


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I used to have a job where I had a reason to look cute everyday. I had fun putting together outfits & especially accessorizing. Now I work from home, with the exception of meeting a local customer or one of my friends for coffee I don't really have a reason to get dressed up for work.

This can be an issue because as appealing as working in your PJs sounds, it would throw off my whole day. And I found I would get less done, and not be as motivated as when I put some effort into getting "cute". But, I still wanted to be comfy.

I found the perfect solution...  Lounge Wear. Change out of your PJs, take a shower, and put on your new work at home uniform! You have lots of important people to see! Like your co-workers {husband} and the UPS man.

My absolute FAV yoga pants are from Aerie the Aerie Skinny Yoga Pant, they are a thick like workout pants, but as comfy as leggings, very flattering, true to size and they last. I love the fold over waist, and they can very often be found in the clearance section.

They are a MUST have for all of my work at home ladies! They also have very adorable and comfortable tops like this one

sweaters and make my favorite bras. Because even though you work at home, it is nice to change out of your PJs! If you haven't already go check Aerie out!


  1. If I stay in my jams all day, I get nothing done. People make fun of me because every day I wake up (no matter what I have to do that day), I shower, get dressed and do my hair/makeup. It helps me stay motivated.

  2. I get so much more done in "real" pants, even if real pants happen to be leggings. As long as I'm a little more put together, I feel far more motivated.

    (A little late to the blogging party today. But I'm here nonetheless!)