Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Our house is officially encased in ice as the next round of winter weather that our area isn't used to is upon us. Less than 24 hrs in and cabin fever has already set in. Cameron and I are somewhere between being bored with watching tv and being so bored that we re-organize the kitchen.

No matter where you live I am sure you saw the mess that was Atlanta a little over a week ago when snow hit. {see my previous post here} This is the scene from our Publix Monday around 5pm

No bread. No milk. No eggs. No chips. No coke.
Every checkout counter was open and each one had a long line! Tuesday before the storm started we went out to Dicks Sporting Goods because I needed gloves, and they were completely out of camping stoves, sleeping bags, and most hats, gloves, and thick winter socks. They did however pull out the pool floats to sell as "sleds" haha.

Round one of the storm is over. I took this picture around lunch time ...

I just checked the same area and now we have 3 layers of icicles and these are several inches longer than in the picture. See all that stuff that looks like snow? It's not! It is about an inch of sleet & ice coating everything. Consider us trapped.

Round two is on it's way tonight until tomorrow, more ice and we are expected to get 2-3 inches of snow. Not a big deal for most of our Northern friends, but it's a big deal here. Post offices are closed, and I don't expect we will get mail tomorrow either.

You can check for post office delays here

We are really glad we still have power! Hopefully tonight won't be as bad as they are saying! Stay safe and warm if you are dealing with this!


  1. Stay safe and warm down there!!

  2. We still have power too! I'm so thankful considering that it feels like if someone so much as sneezes when they drive by on the main road we loose power!

  3. Oh my. Ice is not my friend. Staying home is a great choice. :)