Friday, February 14, 2014


Today was totally one of "those days for me" I woke up 2 hours later than I wanted to {I guess I turned OFF my alarm when I only meant to hit snooze} and it kind of got thrown off from there. Email from a customer in panic because of all the post office delays and her party supplies hadn't arrived yet {they did get there finally} and even though it was later than I wanted I convinced myself to go for a run anyway {only to find out the street and sidewalks were way too icy still} Also, I just spilled coffee all over my desk so there's that. Late but still liking up to share my 5 on Friday, even if Friday is mostly over! #isittheweekendyet

I am pretty proud of myself though, because after lunch I tested the sidewalks again and did get my run in! It was super hard, I am not going to lie. I went slow but I made it. I get so discouraged when I don't see instant progress in myself, but Cam helped me remember that the fact that I am so sore is proof alone that I am making changes for the better.

You should probably add following me on instagram, if you don't already, on your list of things to do this weekend because I am teaming up with a few great ladies for a giveaway that will launch Monday! {hint: it will be coffee themed}

I am itching for some new spring dresses, but I am really putting all shopping on hold until I need to buy new clothes. No greater incentive for eating better, working out and going for a run than new clothes! I cannot sew but I am ordering some fabric so my girl Katy can make me this.

Because all of this winter weather has delayed a lot of shipments, the DBN pen pal box shipments will be delayed one week. I plan on shipping Feb. 22nd. Which means there is still time to order! Learn more + place an order.

You may {or may not} have noticed that the blog got a bit of a facelift. I am totally in love! What do you think?

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