Monday, February 10, 2014

Charge Extra for Awesome

I love having chats with my fellow Etsy sellers. The topic of pricing comes up a lot, am I charging too much, too little. A lot of times sellers need to change their pricing but they are scared to. So when I was encouraging one of my Etsy girls on making some changes to her shop this thought came to me.
The market on Etsy is flooded with amazing artists. Big shops and small shops.  It is what makes is great to launch your brand, and get a strong following. But it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

So when you work that hard to come up with something to make you stand out, make people tell all of their friends about you and order from you time and time again, you have done something awesome and once you find that... you can charge extra for awesome.

You earned it!


  1. My favorite person and mentor of all things business/life/farming/creative venues once told me: Charge twice as much. You'll lose half your clients, still make the same amount and have more time to do and create what you love.

    He's a genius. But it's hard to make that leap into thinking people will stick with you through it. The business side of business can be scary. :)

    (I tried to comment already but apparently it's too early on Monday for my if this is done twice, I apologize.)

    1. I love that! Such great advice and so true! Cameron is looking for an MacBook sleeve on Etsy and he said "the one I want is $20 more than all the other ones I want because it is cooler" and I said read my blog post! Haha

  2. Woah woah woah! New blog look! LOVING IT! And taking this to heart.

  3. Very true words! I equate better quality and customer service with a higher price too. It's worth it in the end to pay more the whole "experience".