Monday, February 24, 2014


You know it is almost wedding season, when it is wedding shower season in the shop. We have been so busy keeping up with invite orders that I forgot to blog! Woops, but hey if forgetting to blog is the only thing we forgot in this pile of orders then I am taking that as a win!

So I thought on this Monday {since my brain has about 10 billion things going on} I would just catch you up on a few things! Kind of like a 5 on Monday if you will. 

February's Pen Pal boxes shipped on Saturday YAY don't know what I am talking about? Check out the post here and order March's box here

I am so excited to see how much everyone loves their boxes, I know we will be seeing some blog posts in the near future from some of my favorite girls!

Here is a peek at something my penpals got first before they ever got in the shop

The 'Thanks a Latte' was all hand-drawn by me and I just love that 'Happy Everything' card!

Something awesome happened last week, and I got an order from my Grandmother who lives in New York, it is probably my most proud moment.

And we are off to an awesome start this year already reaching some of our business goals. DBN got it's first wholesale order at an adorable little shop in Downtown Monroe, GA. They open March 1st, and I couldn't be more excited. The owner Lily of Sailor Studio is so awesome!

Hope your Monday is going great, and your brain isn't stressing you out like mine is. The light at the end of my tunnel is that we are getting out of town this weekend to see some of our friends who just moved to Kentucky! What are you pumped for this week?

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  1. You will definitely be seeing a post of my penpals box! I love the new signature too!