Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yesterday, we had a SNOWDAY which is a rare occurrence in the south, and especially where we live! So we took some time away from work and got outside a bit! Snowball fights with our Cameron's Sister, and Brother-in-Law and their two kiddos were the highlight of our week. Sometimes you just need to take a break from work and make some memories!

The kids clearly beat us in every snowball battle, Tyler yelled "You can't throw snowballs at me, I'm on your team!" and Keely got one stuck behind Cameron's glasses. Fun was had by all, and we warmed up with some hot-cocoa after.

3 inches of snow may seem like nothing to my friends up north, but down here in the Atlanta, Georgia our 3 inches are making major headlines. While we were happy to have some snow-day fun

A lot of people were stuck in a real mess! EVERYONE left work in Atlanta at the same time {already a traffic nightmare, just add ice!} people abandoned their cards and spent the night at CVS, Publix, Home Depot anywhere that was open. The police department got reports of something like 1000 accidents, and stopped responding if it was less than 2 cars involved. And maybe the worst part, kids were trapped in schools, some as little as kindergarten age who had never spent the night away from home before.

A look at Atlanta's traffic that continued until this morning.

Although the temps are still well below freezing, we are praying for an extra sunny afternoon so people can get finally get home to their families safe! And maybe the state of Georgia will FINALLY learn from their mistakes and take steps to be prepared for next time. 


  1. It became such a serious problem but you have to laugh a little bit. Why such chaos? I'm from Northern Michigan and lived in a "banana belt", which meant we got lake effect snow from multiple sides of our area. So much snow and it was never much of an issue. You southerners are crazy! :)

  2. I lived in Raleigh for four years, moving there directly from my home state MA. The firat year I lived there saw an ice storm in Feb. It was similar to Atlanta, cars abandoned and people staying all over the place. I didn't have a family then and now I couldn't imagine my kids sleeping at a school. So sad, but they were safe. The news paper's reported 25,000 accidents the next day. It's crazy what a little ice and snow does to the south, simply from lack of preparation.