Thursday, January 23, 2014


Last to post for the second week in a row #storyofmylifelately with my lovelies over at Hayes Days & Wild and Wanderful blog.

Today is National Handwriting Day! {PS who decides stuff like this anyway?} so I am sharing some of my FAV Pens & Pencils and other things to doodle

I am a pen hoarder to say the least. I steal them from Hotels {or I take what I pay for if you consider Ross from friends' opinion} I organized my markers in color order in school {crayola ONLY... none of that RoseArt crap} I had pens for myself, and a separate pencil case if people wanted to borrow stuff.

So I take writing instruments very seriously! Here are some of my FAVS

THE CLASSIC. Sharpie permanent are classic and so super versatile. I keep one in every purse, drawer and pencil cup. They last forever, and always get job done.

THE FANCY For my finer hand lettering or stuff I want to be more precise than a classic sharpie I use Micron pens. They usually come in kits of a few sizes but the 03 is the one I use the most. The reason I like these more than the fine tip Sharpie brand is they don't bleed, or show through to the other side.

THE NEON The Sharpie highlighter is the best. The neon is bright but not annoying, and they fit nicely in your hand as opposed to some of the fat highlighters. They are also very precise for highlighting full text or just underlining.

THE COLORFUL My friend in High School got me hooked on the Paper Mate flair M pens. They come in a huge variety of colors and are great for everything from underlining to writing. They also don't bleed through to the other side of the paper. The tips also hold up very nicely! {I bear down hard}

THE PENCIL I love the look of a classic pencil, but I don't love the feel when I am writing for a long time. These PaperMate Sharpwriter #2 are the perfect combo of look & utility and the eraser is top notch!

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  1. When I saw this on IG I was like, "Nicole just robbed my desk." My mom used to get SO mad when I would steal her Microns. She used them to sketch back in the day. I remember having to go to Dick Blick to get them. My Pops always gave me the Flairs to write with, thus starting that obsession. They're wonderful for studying. AND I have to tag you in a post a friend of mine who is also a pen aficionado tagged me in on IG yesterday. I think, like me, you will whole heartedly agree.
    Also, to be fair, I have a few My Favs posts ready to go because I realized how late I was to the game the first few weeks. So late that I missed one completely!