Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Etsy Town Hall Mini Recap

This morning I was able to watch/listen to my first Etsy Town Hall meeting. I am so glad I did! If you want to catch the replay, they said it would be on etsytownhall.com  today, and then on Etsy later this week. Did you know that sellers split their time 50/50 between creating and actually managing their shop? This is one of their main focuses this year, more time for sellers to be creative!

They have so many exciting things planned for 2014, in case you missed it {and so I can get all my Etsy people chatting in the comments about their thoughts} I thought I would do a quick recap of the highlights.

The biggest YAY moment for me was that starting today, Etsy will be sending out emails to buyers reminding them to leave feedback {oddly a lady asked in the Q&A section if there will be a way to opt out, as my friend Jennifer said #notagoodsign}

Another great thing I am excited for is improvements to your shop's homepage.

Other exciting things 2014 will bring to Etsy
- Bulk listing edit improvements
- Shipping calculators for sellers during the listing process
- Faster order management
- They are working to add more seller info to the shop pages, so you have a personal connection with who you are buying from
- LIVE CHAT! They mentioned this specifically for seller support but I would image they would have it for buyers to ask Etsy questions as well
- They will be 'cracking down' on the stuff that doesn't belong, and cleaning things up!

All very exciting things. Are you a seller or shopper who watched? What did you think?


  1. I'm actually not happy about the reminder email. I think sellers should have some control over what email gets sent to their customers regarding their purchases from your shop. They should at least have an option to opt out so it can be up to the seller. I am not a fan of things pertaining to my shop that I don't have control over.

    That said, I'm looking forward to the shipping calculator like no other! FINALLY! It's going to be such a life saver. I love that they are cracking down, although I'll believe it when I see it.

    I'm really excited that they are going to work on their mobile phone and tablet capabilities. That, in my opinion is the next frontier for technology, I am glad to see they are working to improve our presence there.

    Lots of pros and cons. I appreciate all their hard work and I'm excited to see a lot of these changes implemented!

    Thanks for the recap girl ;)

    1. I totally get what you are saying about the email, I guess I didn't think about that part of it. But it will be nice to get more reviews.

      I know all the shipping changes will be so great for so many people! And I had the same I will believe it when I see it thoughts but they did say they are doubling the size of the Etsy trust team so hopefully that will help.

      I am very excited about the mobile changes too, the edits they have made so far have been great and I know it will only get better! Most people do all of their shopping on their tablets so that will be great.

      I am just glad they are constantly working to make everything better for all of the sellers and buyers!

  2. I look forward to seeing how all of it comes into play. Etsy makes money off of us as sellers, so they should be taking care of us and creating incentive to keep us around (rather than to run off to places like BigCartel and Storenvy). I wish they'd made the front page of our shops adaptable, maybe that will come later?