Thursday, January 30, 2014


Linking up again with my lovley ladies Katy & Meghan for my FAVS on Thursdays, want to join the fun? Add your blog post to the link list below.

Today I am sharing my FAV songs/artists that make up our work playlist.

There is nothing that gets me working harder/having my own personal dance party than the right song. Sometimes I watch a show on my iPad, but since Cameron doesn't share my taste in Downton Abbey and Grey's Anatomy I usually save that for when I am alone. We do however share a lot of the same taste in music {and he puts up with what I HAVE to listen to}! Here are some of the songs we like to jam out to at the DBN Studio!

 1. BRAVE by Sara Bareilles
2. ON TOP OF THE WORLD Imagine Dragons
3. CAN'T HOLD US Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
5. ROAR Katy Perry
6. COUNTING STARS One Republic
7. HO HEY The Avett Brothers
8. I CHOOSE YOU Sara Bareilles
10. 10,000 HOURS Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

 Basically anything from any of those artists and their entire albums are on repeat constantly

What do you like to listen to while you work?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yesterday, we had a SNOWDAY which is a rare occurrence in the south, and especially where we live! So we took some time away from work and got outside a bit! Snowball fights with our Cameron's Sister, and Brother-in-Law and their two kiddos were the highlight of our week. Sometimes you just need to take a break from work and make some memories!

The kids clearly beat us in every snowball battle, Tyler yelled "You can't throw snowballs at me, I'm on your team!" and Keely got one stuck behind Cameron's glasses. Fun was had by all, and we warmed up with some hot-cocoa after.

3 inches of snow may seem like nothing to my friends up north, but down here in the Atlanta, Georgia our 3 inches are making major headlines. While we were happy to have some snow-day fun

A lot of people were stuck in a real mess! EVERYONE left work in Atlanta at the same time {already a traffic nightmare, just add ice!} people abandoned their cards and spent the night at CVS, Publix, Home Depot anywhere that was open. The police department got reports of something like 1000 accidents, and stopped responding if it was less than 2 cars involved. And maybe the worst part, kids were trapped in schools, some as little as kindergarten age who had never spent the night away from home before.

A look at Atlanta's traffic that continued until this morning.

Although the temps are still well below freezing, we are praying for an extra sunny afternoon so people can get finally get home to their families safe! And maybe the state of Georgia will FINALLY learn from their mistakes and take steps to be prepared for next time. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Etsy Town Hall Mini Recap

This morning I was able to watch/listen to my first Etsy Town Hall meeting. I am so glad I did! If you want to catch the replay, they said it would be on  today, and then on Etsy later this week. Did you know that sellers split their time 50/50 between creating and actually managing their shop? This is one of their main focuses this year, more time for sellers to be creative!

They have so many exciting things planned for 2014, in case you missed it {and so I can get all my Etsy people chatting in the comments about their thoughts} I thought I would do a quick recap of the highlights.

The biggest YAY moment for me was that starting today, Etsy will be sending out emails to buyers reminding them to leave feedback {oddly a lady asked in the Q&A section if there will be a way to opt out, as my friend Jennifer said #notagoodsign}

Another great thing I am excited for is improvements to your shop's homepage.

Other exciting things 2014 will bring to Etsy
- Bulk listing edit improvements
- Shipping calculators for sellers during the listing process
- Faster order management
- They are working to add more seller info to the shop pages, so you have a personal connection with who you are buying from
- LIVE CHAT! They mentioned this specifically for seller support but I would image they would have it for buyers to ask Etsy questions as well
- They will be 'cracking down' on the stuff that doesn't belong, and cleaning things up!

All very exciting things. Are you a seller or shopper who watched? What did you think?

TIP TUESDAY #28 How To Add a Favicon to Your Blog

First off, what is a favicon? It is the little icon that represents your blog in the internet browser AND if someone wants to add the shortcut of your page to their iPhone or something, it's the icon that will show up there.

The default on the blogger layout is the blogger logo. Today's tip will help you customize it to your brand.

/// FIRST ///
You need to design your favicon, any small file square graphic will work. I usually do a 100x100 pixel graphic, with a 72 ppi, saved as a .png file. If you want a custom one, just shoot me an email I would be happy to send you a quote.

So once you have your graphic, you are ready for step 2

/// TWO ////
Go to your blog's layout page. At the top right next to your header is a box titled Favicon. If you have never messed with it you should also see the blogger "B" logo here. Click EDIT

/// THREE ///
Click BROWSE and upload your file. It has to be under 100KB to upload, you will get an error message if it it too big.

/// FOUR ///
Click SAVE, it may take an hour or so to update the Favicon but eventually it will be there.

Need help? As always, ask me in the comments and we will make it work for you!

P.S. Thanks for being my example Katy, I will make it up to you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Introducing /// DBN Pen Pals

Are you ready to have a mailbox full of happiness every month from us? Let's be PEN PALS!

Here's the scoop:
Every month you subscribe you will get a box of happy mail from us. The box will always have approx. $25 value of the following...

- Greeting Cards
- Thank You Notes
- Recipe Cards
- Art Prints
- Calendars
- Handmade Artist collaborations & bonus items
- and so many more products we are working on right now!

and the more months you purchase the better deal you get ONE, THREE, SIX or TWELVE it's up to you. All of them can be purchased in the DBN /// Pen Pals section of my shop here. Sign up by Feb 1st to get a BONUS treat in your first box. PLUS the price includes shipping until Feb 1st, after that you will have to pay shipping.

One Month /// $18

Three Month /// $45

Six Month /// $75

Twelve Month /// $120

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Last to post for the second week in a row #storyofmylifelately with my lovelies over at Hayes Days & Wild and Wanderful blog.

Today is National Handwriting Day! {PS who decides stuff like this anyway?} so I am sharing some of my FAV Pens & Pencils and other things to doodle

I am a pen hoarder to say the least. I steal them from Hotels {or I take what I pay for if you consider Ross from friends' opinion} I organized my markers in color order in school {crayola ONLY... none of that RoseArt crap} I had pens for myself, and a separate pencil case if people wanted to borrow stuff.

So I take writing instruments very seriously! Here are some of my FAVS

THE CLASSIC. Sharpie permanent are classic and so super versatile. I keep one in every purse, drawer and pencil cup. They last forever, and always get job done.

THE FANCY For my finer hand lettering or stuff I want to be more precise than a classic sharpie I use Micron pens. They usually come in kits of a few sizes but the 03 is the one I use the most. The reason I like these more than the fine tip Sharpie brand is they don't bleed, or show through to the other side.

THE NEON The Sharpie highlighter is the best. The neon is bright but not annoying, and they fit nicely in your hand as opposed to some of the fat highlighters. They are also very precise for highlighting full text or just underlining.

THE COLORFUL My friend in High School got me hooked on the Paper Mate flair M pens. They come in a huge variety of colors and are great for everything from underlining to writing. They also don't bleed through to the other side of the paper. The tips also hold up very nicely! {I bear down hard}

THE PENCIL I love the look of a classic pencil, but I don't love the feel when I am writing for a long time. These PaperMate Sharpwriter #2 are the perfect combo of look & utility and the eraser is top notch!

Be sure to check out Meghan & Katy's posts as well!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


When I first started 'Tip Tuesday' posts, I had a long list of topics to write about. But now... I am running on empty here.

So I thought I would put it out there to see if there is anything you want me to write about. Now remember, I can't give away all of my secrets... but if you have a blogger, etsy, facebook or general business question now is the time to ask. It may just make it into the next TT post!

Friday, January 17, 2014

5 ON Friday

It's Friday! We had one of those off weeks, where a few things in our schedule are mixed up so we don't know what day it is and end up working weird hours, so I am happy to try and enjoy a nice relazing weekend and then start all over again Monday.

/// ONE /// 
There are so many cute new greeting cards in our shop Cam spent most of his week getting some great product shots of some of the designs we have had for a while too. I LOVE the new shots of the chalkboard Avett Brother's and Lumineers cards, they really are awesome.

/// TWO ///
About once a year I have a "Treat Yo Self" day and get my hair cut and colored at a Salon. I was looking around pinterest for some ideas and this is what I am leaning towards. What do you think?

/// THREE ///
When we were in NY in November I reconnected with a childhood friend who I hadn't seen in 13 years, in just a few days she is moving SO much closer to us {5 hrs away instead of 14 hrs} and we get to go visit her and her husband at their new home in just under a month. I may or may not already have started my packing list!

/// FOUR /// 
It is coming on invite season again, spring wedding showers are being planned. We are working on loading the shop up with great new spring invites like this one. You can find it in the Etsy shop.

/// FIVE ///
I have started posting "Sunday Specials" on my @shopdbn instagram account, so be sure to follow us on there if you love us and want some awesome deals!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Linking up with my girls again for My Favs on Thursdays!
If you follow me on instagram or read the blog, you may have noticed that Cameron and I have been gluten free for about a month now {YIKES} where I thought I could never live without bread, regular cupcakes and pretzels, I have, and we are feeling better everyday! AND I have come across some super yum snacks that I am sharing today.

Here are my FAV gluten-free snacks {so far} PLUS you can follow my pinterest board GLUTEN FREE to keep up.

1. Talenti Peppermint Bark Gelato /// 2. Wow Baking Company Cookies {we found them at Marshalls, but they are sold at Whole Foods and Amazon} /// 3. UDI's Pizza Crust is by far the best pizza crust we have tried, we found it in the frozen section of Kroger /// 4. Chia Pop all of the flavors are amazing! /// 5. Wild Riceworks Chips dipped in 6. Sabra hummus will change your life /// 7. As far as quick bake cookies go, they are super yum! 


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TIP TUESDAY #27 Changing Your Facebook Tabs

Lets face it {pun intended} facebook is getting tired. People barelry see your posts, what used to be a great marketing platform and social media king is on it's way out. So we need all the help we can get to make those Facebook pages cuter and get your shops/blogs/pages seen!

It took me a while to figure this one out, so I thought I would put together a TT post on it.

First log into your Facebook and go to your page

Then scroll under your cover where the application tabs are, FB automatically shows likes, and a few others so you are going to want to find and install the ones you want. I have my pinterest linked, my Etsy shop and my Instagram.

Once you install the apps you want, then you can change the tabs to make your FB page stand out!

There are lots of cute ones online. I am working on adding more to the DBNgraphics shop. The ones as shown in the tutorial are these vintage chalk style ones.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I will admit, I have been cheating on paper with my iPad a lot recently, and don't get me wrong, I love my iPad planner apps, and iCal is awesome too. However, deep down I am a paper lover.

So when my 2014 planner/doodling book from came today I immediately filled it with all of the plans, blog ideas and doodles I have floating around in my head. There is just something about putting a pen to paper and making the thoughts and designs in your head come to life.

PLUS aren't these zebras cute, and everything is better when it has your initials on it right? What about you? Are you a #paperlover or are you all digital?

Saturday, January 11, 2014


So much thank yous from Hayes Days & I to all of the lovely people who entered the Starbucks & Disney giveaway!

The winner is...

I am sending you an email now, please get back with us as soon as possible to claim your prize!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

MY FAVS /// Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

Liking up with my lovely HAYES DAYS & WILD AND WANDERFUL ladies for My Favs on Thursdays, don't forget to join the party below, PS. I will take full credit for how late this post is. Unlike usual I was the only one NOT ready this morning.

Let me start by saying I had have a LOT of iPad cases, one might say I am addicted to them. So when I say this is my favorite, I mean it. I knew I wanted to try something with a keyboard, so my iPad would feel more like a laptop and be better for working remotely. So I looked and looked and did a ton of research and decided to go with this one.

It's the Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio /// available at Best Buy /// in Sunflower yellow.

- The iPad locks {using a magnet} to the screen really nicely and feels sturdy
- The keyboard is liquid repellent which I love because I am both clumsy and like beverages
- The fabric on the outside is stain repellent and wipes clean
- The battery lasts forever! I have had this since early November, I use it very regularly and I have only had to charge the case once!
- Super easy to type on, even when it is just on your lap and not on a desk or table
- My iPad really does feel like a laptop when it's on

- It does add quite a bit of weight to the iPad
- Hard to do anything in portrait mode

But overall, I am so happy with my purchase and it was for sure worth the money!

What's your fav this week?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It is so true what they say that you are your own worst enemy. The last few weeks have been really hard for me creatively. Sometimes I struggle with what to do next. What is the best choice for us in business, financially, and most importantly personally.

Cameron has had to remind me a lot this week to remember that this didn't happen overnight, it has been 4 years of hard work so why would it be any different now?

So today's TIP TUESDAY is actually from Cameron, not from me. Because secretly he is the smart one {maybe not so secretly} Get out of your own way, and focus. We got this far, so if you love what you design chances are people will love it too. 

What could you accomplish if you got out of your own way? 

Monday, January 6, 2014

& Love

It is freezing here, and Cameron and I have been inside keeping warm and working all day. I shared a sneak peek of some of our new cards on my instagram account {@nicolinaw} if you want to check it out, but here is a look at a new invitation design.

I love vintage type and & signs, so this invite design is probably my favorite I have done in a while.

The colors can be customized to fit your event, and it can be purchased here

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Happy Saturday!
I am so excited to introduce you to my friends new blog and present a giveaway hosted by her and yours truly.

First, meet my friend Meghan of
She is a super smart, cute and thrifty gal who loves Disney and Starbucks as much as I do, dare I say MORE.

She started her blog late last year as an outlet for all of her creativity and there she shares everything from Disney tips, to DIY posts.

I love this post on how she made her own QR code to help her guests with the wifi password

You can find her blogging tweeting facebooking instagramming and pintetesting on a daily basis {unless she is in Disney World of course like right now}

She is also one of our blog sponsors this month and probably DBN's biggest fan and cheerleader. Did you know the 'There's nothing a little Starbucks and Disney can't fix' was a special design I made just for her?

Now, here's the cool part we have teamed up to bring you a super fun giveaway to get your year started off right!

Just enter using the rafflecopter form below, and the winner will be announced next Saturday {the 11th} Have fun!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, January 3, 2014


It's the first Friday of 2014! How very exciting!
Let's jump right in to my 5 ON FRIDAY!

/// ONE ///
One of the things I want to do this year, is make sure I am really sticking to my blogging schedule. So far I am 3 posts for all 3 days of January! I ordered a cute little May Designs agenda to keep in my purse. It will be perfect for all of those BRIGHT IDEA moments, and keep me on a schedule so that's good.

/// TWO ///
Did you see what our motto for 2014 is? MAKE 2014 THE BEST EVER, you can read more about it in yesterday's post. Be sure to also check out the official DBN Wall Calendar in the shop now.

/// THREE ///
My friend Katy launched her Caps for Chemo program this week, read about it here. It is basically a one-for-one deal, you buy a cap for a cute kiddo in your life, she makes two and donates one of them to a Child suffering from Cancer. She has some adorable designs this year, plus it is for an amazing cause. So you should defiantly check it out! HERE

/// FOUR ///
Did you get gifted Designs by Nicolina last month? I want to see how much you love it! Tag me in your instagram pictures {@nicolinaw} #designsbynicolina, or email me the photos! AND don't forget to log into your Etsy account and leave us a review!

/// FIVE ///
There is seriously so much stuff planned, new product, new projects planned, be sure you are following us to keep up on facebook instagram and pinterest  I promise you won't be disappointed!