Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have been wanting to start a FAQ series on all of the questions I get asked as part of Tip Tuesday for a while now, since shipping is the number one thing I am getting asked about {especially this time of year} Let's start here -

... isn't it just paper"
... if I'm not going to get it overnight"
... it just seems like a lot"

Although I feel like we do a really great job of keeping it reasonable, I realize that people don't ship stuff as much as I do. So keeping this all in mind, here is a breakdown of what exactly your shipping covers {at least when you buy from us}

THE PACKAGING /// We want your package to get there in perfect condition! So we buy special bags that won't hurt your art prints or invites, and keep them safe and dry, and boxes for the stationary.

THE SHIPPING ENVELOPE /// We want to make sure that your package gets to you in perfect condition, and so do you! So we make sure we are shipping in non-bendable envelopes or tubes. Even when we use Priority Mail packaging, those stamps are a little more expensive to compensate for the fact that the box was free.

THE STAMP /// Did you know that even though we ship in an envelope, because it's non bendable and rigid we have to pay the price of a package? Not to mention, when was the last time you went to the post office to ship something? It is EXPENSIVE, and then we like to pay for tracking so you can watch your package travel to you, and a little for insurance so we can replace it if anything happens.

THE TIME /// It takes time to pack things with care, and anyone who is doing this as their full time business needs to make sure they are getting paid for all of their time. Also they may have to take info account any employees they have helping with their packing.

THE TRIP TO THE POST OFFICE /// Then after all that is said and done, you have to take into account the trip to the post office and the time it takes to stand in line and get your packages checked in. Occasionally we schedule pick ups, or just drop the packages off. But this time of year is so busy, if I don't ask for them to be scanned, they won't do it.

I hope this helps explain why people have to charge so much for shipping! There are lots of factors to consider!


  1. Oh I'd high five and hug you right now if I could...so many little nuances and little things that add up that most people don't even consider. Slightly depressing to see them all written out but I'm glad to not be the only one stuck in shipping hell :)

  2. Great reminders for customers to think about! A lot of time, care and expenses go into the "shipping" phase.

  3. I've calculated and recalculated so many times with shipping costs to keep everything fair for everyone. It's tough. Mine especially...because shirts vary in size, that also means they vary in weight. Sometimes I eat a little bit of the shipping costs due to it but I like to be fair, fair, fair.

    Totally agree with Chelsea ^^^! Super depressing to see it all written out. :)

  4. Thank you! I own an etsy and its not just the actual shipping cost. So much goes into…. Ive always considered the actually packaging and also the gas/time it takes to go to the post office