Friday, December 6, 2013


Um.. is it Friday? This week is kicking my but in the best possible way. Thanks to everyone who ordered over our Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale, all of your orders have shipped! Now here's my FIVE ON FRIDAY!

/// ONE ///
Just giving you fair warning if you live in the US! The sooner the better, because the post office is not as reliable as it is most other times of the year, and even then it isn't the best! This week we are cutting it close for Canada, and it is probably a little late to make it to Australlia in time.  

/// TWO ///
 We are in full on prep mode for the Athens Artist Market we are going to next weekend! December 14th and 15th, if you are local we would love to see you there. It is free and there will be lots of great handmade vendors there. Including one of my favs Sailor Studio
Check out some of our new cards that will debut there...

/// THREE ///
It is my 100% belief from working in retail and then now owning my own shop that this time of year, you either have the best, sweetest customers you will ever have or they will be the WORST. It can be very hard to be focused on the task at hand, getting orders out to the people who have already paid for your services. Etsy sent out a great email that had some great tips that are really helping me out Just in Case: Resolving Disputes Through Communication if you are an Etsy seller, READ IT.

/// FOUR ///
I am thinking of doing a 2014 wall calendar and I need some advice. Where do you hang your calendar: kitchen? office? What color combos are you loving right now?

/// FIVE ///
 The best purchase I made on Black Friday were these slippers from Gap. I basically haven't taken them off since then.

See you next week! 


  1. I have a kitchen calendar and a work calendar. Anything with a lot of bold colors! Nothing drab for the home or office.

  2. I have a work calendar, but it's pretty boring. I'm really into teals and grays right now. But fun bright colors would definitely help liven up the space! Oh and by the way, I'm totally diggin' the polka dots on dots! Super cute!