Friday, December 27, 2013


Linking up as usual for FIVE ON FRIDAY with a few of my favorite ladies!
/// ONE ///
If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may already know this but in case you don't we are having an INSTASALE over on our @shopdbn account. They are all perfectly perfect prints {say that five times fast} that are a good deal to a nice home. I have been posting daily, but today is the last day!
/// TWO ///
Did you read yesterdays post? A few of my bloggy friends and I are starting a new thing called My Favs on Thursdays and we would love for you to come link up! Read all about it in yesterday's post.
/// THREE ///
Have you heard of it is really simple to use and I love getting emails when people are talking about me. I found out about it here on Paige Simple's blog {and hopefully she will get a notification that I am talking about her!

/// FOUR ///
Consider me addicted to Shelly B Orignials skirts, I ordered another less than a week after getting my first one in the mail. Check out her shop here 
 image via her shop
/// FIVE ///
A little over 2 weeks ago, we discovered Cam has a gluten intolerance, and we have been gluten free ever since. It is hard, but we both feel much better especially Cam and I have lost about 5 pounds so that is a total plus! If you are gluten free, or if you are trying to cut it out follow my gluten free pinterest board here

See you Monday for a full week of AWESOME.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


So excited to start a new Thursday tradition with some of my favorite blog ladies. Every Thursday we will be sharing a new FAV each of us have anything and everything will be talked about. Feel free to grab this image and team up with us! Just leave your blog post in the comments.

This week is all about my new FAV Etsy shop for unique jewels, My Sweet Nomsa. I met Ashley the designer a couple of weeks ago when we did the Athens Artist Market and I instantly fell in love with her style. 

Everything in her shop was right up my alley, so I purchased a few things I couldn't live without.

This adorable citrus yellow earrings are not anything I would have bought normally {I am normally a strictly studs girl} but something about the color was calling my name and I had to have them.
And I had to have this bracelet as well, this color seems to complement everything in my closet, and I love the way it fits me perfectly. Match. Made. In. Jewelry. Heaven.
This mixed metal necklace is the perfect everyday piece and looks great layered. This was picked as a surprise by Cam, he always does a great job.
The quality is great and the designs are perfectly simple. PLUS everything in her shop is 20% off right now so it is the perfect time to TREAT YO SELF.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


As I sit here, a pile of orders next to me, while Cam makes another run to the dreaded post office, staring at my sticky notes filled with things I can't forget I get so easily overwhelmed.

So, I decided to do what I do best, something that I feel like doing so I can concur the things I have to do. I like to keep my desktop wallpaper pretty simple {because my desk area is already such a mess} so here is your motivational thought for the day...

Nothing is too hard for you to handle. YOU GOT THIS.
& then I turned it into a cool wallpaper for everyone to enjoy! Hope it brings a smile to your office.
Just right click the picture below {control + click on a mac} and set it as your wallpaper.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have been wanting to start a FAQ series on all of the questions I get asked as part of Tip Tuesday for a while now, since shipping is the number one thing I am getting asked about {especially this time of year} Let's start here -

... isn't it just paper"
... if I'm not going to get it overnight"
... it just seems like a lot"

Although I feel like we do a really great job of keeping it reasonable, I realize that people don't ship stuff as much as I do. So keeping this all in mind, here is a breakdown of what exactly your shipping covers {at least when you buy from us}

THE PACKAGING /// We want your package to get there in perfect condition! So we buy special bags that won't hurt your art prints or invites, and keep them safe and dry, and boxes for the stationary.

THE SHIPPING ENVELOPE /// We want to make sure that your package gets to you in perfect condition, and so do you! So we make sure we are shipping in non-bendable envelopes or tubes. Even when we use Priority Mail packaging, those stamps are a little more expensive to compensate for the fact that the box was free.

THE STAMP /// Did you know that even though we ship in an envelope, because it's non bendable and rigid we have to pay the price of a package? Not to mention, when was the last time you went to the post office to ship something? It is EXPENSIVE, and then we like to pay for tracking so you can watch your package travel to you, and a little for insurance so we can replace it if anything happens.

THE TIME /// It takes time to pack things with care, and anyone who is doing this as their full time business needs to make sure they are getting paid for all of their time. Also they may have to take info account any employees they have helping with their packing.

THE TRIP TO THE POST OFFICE /// Then after all that is said and done, you have to take into account the trip to the post office and the time it takes to stand in line and get your packages checked in. Occasionally we schedule pick ups, or just drop the packages off. But this time of year is so busy, if I don't ask for them to be scanned, they won't do it.

I hope this helps explain why people have to charge so much for shipping! There are lots of factors to consider!

Monday, December 16, 2013


This weekend we participated in our very first craft festival. The Athens Artist Market and after weeks of prep and a few late nights, I am happy to report it went amazingly! The full booth pics are on the camera, and I don't feel like uploading them right now, so here are a few snapshots from the booth.

We picked up these adorable chairs from Target because they really complimented the whole design of the table really nicely. Then we used little pieces I have been collecting like my wire basket and vintage paper cutter to add some dimension. Cameron built the display and used some of the leftover pieces of the wood to build us some sign stands. 

My amazing sister in law made us this adorable business card holder, and we got loads of compliments on it so thanks Jenn!

I have a "W" Zinc Letter from Anthro, and when we were designing the both we knew we had to get them for the booth. {Only 2 customers tried to buy them haha}

Some of our lovley customers flipping through and telling us how much they love everything.

We really had an amazing time! Special thanks from Cameron and I to Kelsey & Meghan for being our lovely assistants, and Cassidy & Mackie for coming and helping as well. We couldn't have done it without you! Can't wait until we can do another this spring. If you are local comment with your favorite Spring festivals so we can look into them.

BONUS I made some great new friends check out Ashlee's shop My Sweet Nomsa, I basically spent everything we made at her booth.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Um.. is it Friday? This week is kicking my but in the best possible way. Thanks to everyone who ordered over our Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale, all of your orders have shipped! Now here's my FIVE ON FRIDAY!

/// ONE ///
Just giving you fair warning if you live in the US! The sooner the better, because the post office is not as reliable as it is most other times of the year, and even then it isn't the best! This week we are cutting it close for Canada, and it is probably a little late to make it to Australlia in time.  

/// TWO ///
 We are in full on prep mode for the Athens Artist Market we are going to next weekend! December 14th and 15th, if you are local we would love to see you there. It is free and there will be lots of great handmade vendors there. Including one of my favs Sailor Studio
Check out some of our new cards that will debut there...

/// THREE ///
It is my 100% belief from working in retail and then now owning my own shop that this time of year, you either have the best, sweetest customers you will ever have or they will be the WORST. It can be very hard to be focused on the task at hand, getting orders out to the people who have already paid for your services. Etsy sent out a great email that had some great tips that are really helping me out Just in Case: Resolving Disputes Through Communication if you are an Etsy seller, READ IT.

/// FOUR ///
I am thinking of doing a 2014 wall calendar and I need some advice. Where do you hang your calendar: kitchen? office? What color combos are you loving right now?

/// FIVE ///
 The best purchase I made on Black Friday were these slippers from Gap. I basically haven't taken them off since then.

See you next week!