Tuesday, November 19, 2013


For the majority of Etsy sellers, the next month and half will be the biggest of the year. And for lots of handmade businesses the shopping season has already started! Here are some of my tips to get more sales!

5. STOCK UP - you know what your customers love, stock up on whatever supplies you need to make or sell your most popular items. People always wait till the last min and you want to make sure you have what they want ready to go.

4. ENCOURAGE EARLY SHOPPING - regularly update your customers via your social media of your turnaround times to encourage them to purchase early! You can easily schedule posts for your twitter and facebook pages, and I love using instagram and pinterest as well! Set your deadlines for December 25th delivery now, and then you can edit them as needed as the date approaches. Running a special for Black Friday / Cyber Monday is a great way to do this. I recommend using Etsyonsale.com it is a huge time saver!

3. PICTURES - make sure your pictures make you stand out, show off your packaging if it is special for this time of year and make sure you let people know your procedures for gift tags ect, a lot of people ship directly to who the gift is getting sent to

2. RESPOND QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY - I know you have a lot going on this time of year, but so do your customers. They might send 3 shops similar questions and I can assure you the first to respond in a professional manner is going to get the sale! So make sure you are responding to your convos and emails as quickly as you can, it will make a great impression and will help you get the sale

1. ASK FOR HELP! - Your family and friends may become your holiday workers if you don't think you can get it all done in time. Don't be afraid to ask!