Friday, November 22, 2013


As usual linking up with Darci over on The Good Life Blog, for Five on Friday!

/// ONE ///
In case you missed my mini freakout on fb and instagram, my 'A party without cake is just a meeting' - Julia Child art print was featured AGAIN by Better Homes and Gardens, Style Spotter blog read here.

/// TWO ///
It is already getting nuts around here, and from talking to all my Etsy buddies, the rush is on! So place those orders soon. My personal deadline is December 18th, but the post office isn't reliable ever this time of year so the sooner the better. 

/// THREE ///
Have you heard about Goldie Box?
They are the toys for girls that are 'more than just a princess' they have an awesome product with a great message, and you should take a min out of your day and go vote for them here because they are in the running to get their commercial to play during the superbowl!

/// FOUR ///
Next week on the blog I want to do a post with Etsy Shop/Handmade business Black Friday - Cyber Monday specials. If you want me to include you, send me an email! designsbynicolina{at}gmail{dot}com

/// FIVE ///
I bought this shirt last night at Gap and I kind of love it
You can see it here, if you have a Gap card you get 50% off your entire purchase {40% off online if you don't} so I also stocked up on tights because I love theirs the best!

What are you all up to this weekend? Make it a great one!