Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is coming on the 4th anniversary of starting DBN {this January} Which I think is pretty crazy. I started with very little experience in anything really. I was 19 years old, my only previous work experience was babysitting jobs, and a very small amount of retail. I was one month into graphic design school, so basically I knew nothing, and I came across Etsy while looking for something else. 

I am a firm believer that trying, failing, trying again and succeeding are better teachers than any school you could attend in the world. If I hadn't messed up a gazillion times at the beginning I would have no idea what I am doing now. I have always been a jump in and figure it out later type of person, and my Etsy shop hasn't been any different. 

I sold only digital invites, until enough people wanted prints. Then I ordered them from vistaprint, until I could afford a printer. When my first printer broke in the middle of printing 175 wedding programs we got Amazon Prime and overnight-ed a new one. When my packages were getting bent we figured out new shipping methods. It was all this messing up that led us to where we are today, over 5,500 sales and both of us going full speed ahead.

So I guess the moral of the story is, instead of giving up when the post office looses packages, a customer leaves a bad review, you print the wrong art print and send it all the way to Australia and have so send a new one. Don't give up. Just stay with your problem until you find a solution, you will be a better person for it!


  1. Oh amen! Half the fun of running an Etsy shop is all the troubleshooting you have to do along the way. They're not always fun at the time (running out of archival glue then your lovely bf driving 2 hours in the rain to deliver you some more at 10 pm) but they make for great stories and life lessons afterwards!

  2. Your methods and mine are apparently very much the same. :) I'm a "learn by trial and error" kind of person and it's really the best way. This didn't work? Well, I've got about 9,000 other ideas on how to make it happen.