Wednesday, October 23, 2013


October has to be my favorite month. It is the first sign on fall, my favorite season and it is our wedding anniversary month. But it is also a special month for something that is very important. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so today we are talking about BOOBS.

One of my Breast Best Friends Katy over at Handmade Escapade is one of the kindest people I have met and she is always looking for a way to help others. She designed this adorable shirts, and is donating $5 from EVERY SINGLE SHIRT she makes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

They are cute, they support your boobs, and they support the fight to protect boobs everywhere. {Have I used the word boobs too much?}

I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by Breast Cancer, so show your support. You have until the end of October to get one of Katy's shirts or a special Koozie.

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  1. Boobs. (Just wanted to say it one more time.)
    You're adorable and thanks for supporting my crazy idea at a time! ;)