Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Over the course of the last few years I have had my Etsy shop I have tried Search ADs. Usually with little success. It seemed like I would get lots of views, a few favorites from them but little sales, and that's really what you pay for advertising for.

After I rearranged the shops in July Cameron suggested that I give them another shot.  This time it worked amazingly. Here is what I did differently than the first time and what I learned.

/// How to Start a Search AD ///

When you are on your 'Your Shop' page, click under promotions, Search Ads

The page for Search Ads is pretty easy to follow the steps, I found in the Designs by Nicolina Paperie shop it was better to choose specific items, where as in the DBN Graphics shop it was better to promote everything. 

Ads are MUCH more profitable in the DBN Graphics shop, I think that is because the DBN Graphics shop are instant downloads, the kind of things people look at and purchase right away. But all in all I think it is worth the money I spent and will continue to keep doing them. ESPECIALLY in the DBNGraphics shop.

  •  Search Ads are great for ready to go items, or impulse buys. Becuase they run at the top of the page, they are what the customer will see first
  • They don't work as great for 'think about it' purchases, like printed invitations from Designs by Nicolina Paperie or Thank You Notes. 
  • Play around with it a bit to see what items grant you the most results for your money. The idea is to turn your views and favorites into sales, so rotate items out based on the season. 
  • Check the keywords, for some reason 'envelope' was a keyword chosen for the Thank You Note Ads, people who are searching for Envelopes aren't looking for TY Notes so I took that word off. No need to pay for things that aren't going to help at all. 
  • See what items are getting the most views and sales to help you decide on what items your shop needs more of

I hope this helped my fellow Etsy sellers in deciding if Search Ads are right for them. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments and I will try to answer!

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