Friday, August 16, 2013


Starting a new thing today to add to my InstaFriday normal post of the day! 5 on Friday from my new friend on the Good Life Blog! She was so sweet to share my Back to School Printables last Friday and I am partnering with her for something cool on Monday so make sure you are following {her}
/// ONE ///  Here is something you might not know about me, I am an obsessive packer. I pull out my suitcase approx. 20 days to go with a trip. I make lists a mile long breaking down each day we are going to be away | what we are doing each day | the outfit needed for the day right down to how I am going to do my hair that day. I know I am CRAY. We leave for Disney in 43 days and I already have lists... I need an intervention. BUT for our trip over the weekend I waited until the day before to pack {it was killing me but I just didn't have time} In my suitcase you could find a lovely mix of {The Printed Palette and Target haha
/// TWO /// It just doesn't feel like a road trip without heading here...
/// THREE /// Crazy excited to show off a preview of something i have been working on for Party Style Magazine! Look out for the full feature in the October PRINTED issue of the magazine available for purchase at Barnes & Noble!
/// FOUR /// Sharing another awesome sneak peek at some custom wedding invites I did for a sweet girl I have known since she was four years old {on a side note I feel like an old lady} The invites are a perfect mix of her love of Disney and feature one of their amazing engagement photos. Can't wait to share more details!

/// FIVE /// Thanks to eveyone who has shared | featured | pinned | used our back to school printable! It is our HIGHEST VIEWED BLOG POST {+15,000 times! WOW}


  1. AMEN to pretty much everything. (Little secret, I have started packing for September too!)

  2. Magazine?!?! You are big time, girl!