Friday, August 30, 2013


IT'S FRRRIIIIDDDAYYYY {please read that in your best Katy Perry TGIF video voice}
/// ONE ///
If you don't already listen to Sara Bareilles I suggest you get on that asap she is one of THE MOST talented singer, songwritters ever and her concert totally blew us away! It was also in the most beautiful venue I have ever been to {THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM in Nashville}

/// TWO /// If you go to Nashville, everything you drink from alcoholic beverages to coffee will be served to you in a Mason Jar. It is adorable

/// THREE /// I have never used Disney's Magical Express ... basically they come pick you up at the airport, and get your bags off the plane for you and bring them to your room ... and I am super excited to use it for the first time. This adorable mail made me even more pumped 27 DAYS

/// FOUR /// You guys have been sending me so many of your first day of school pictures I thought I would share mine with you. Here I am first day of Kindergarten ready to go in my cardigan and Pocahontas backpack. Too cute.

/// FIVE ///My friend over at {DESIGN OCD} posted this amazing tool cart make over this week. And now I will be stalking my goodwill to find one as well! Seriously awesome job!


  1. I love drinks in Mason Jars:) I don't know if the States has Montanas, but we have them(its a restaurant) in Canada, and they have drinks in MJ's. Love it!

  2. Such a cute first grade picture. You look the same!