Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Have you heard about Warby Parker?
Well if you haven't, you will. Warby Parker operates on a buy a pair give a pair program and operates on the thought that trendy, quality frames don't have to cost $300+. In fact a pair of frames with perscription, anti-glare, anti-scratch lenses will only cost you $95.

It all starts out with your FREE home try on. Just add 5 pairs to your cart by selecting your frames and + Add Home Try On, then they ship them to you to try out for 5 days. For those 5 days they encourage you to try them out, as your friends and pick your perfect pair.

I placed my try-on order on Wednesday and they were shipped UPS to my door on Friday morning. I opened it up to find my five picks packed up in a adorbs box.
You know how much I love good packaging. The back of this card has all the info on how to order once you find a pair or two that you love and how to mail the samples back. 
Here are my 5 picks // I wanted something bigger and more unique from what I have now {which is around the size of the Linwood pair in the below picture. So those were almost instantly eliminated although I do like them a lot}

My top 2 that I liked immediately were Preston and Ainsworth. So I asked my Insta + FB friends, and excluding the occasional other vote, it was pretty much a straight up tie between the 2 pairs. So no help at all very helpful. I decided to show some of my friends in person to see what they thought.
I really loved having the 5 pairs to try out for 5 days. I think I made the right choice! Ordering was super easy once I decided. I just logged in /// added them to my cart /// choose prescription, readers or non prescription /// if you choose prescription you choose to take a photo and upload your RX from the DR or have them give your DR a call /// and order /// $95 free shipping and returns

I am so excited to get the glasses! Now that I have to wear them everyday I am excited to have 2 pairs to swap out. 

PS /// Warby Parker didn't pay me for my review, I just like to brag on companies I love ///


  1. Which ones did you decide on? I missed that.

    1. I went with #4, I think I am going to get some sunglasses like the #1 pair

  2. Never had heard of Warby Parker before seeing your post. I'm in the market for some new eyeglasses so I might check them out! Love that you get to try the pairs out before picking which ones you want!


    1. They are a really awesome company with great quality product and an awesome message! Try them out, you won't be sorry!