Friday, July 19, 2013


Happy Friday!
I'm sharing some insta-pics from this week. Want to join in the fun? /// follow me @nicolinaw ///

Sent off a KS Inspired print to the winner of The Brandied Pair's Blog Giveaway

We sold Lenny {my 2000 ford focus and first car} on Saturday
It was bittersweet to get rid of my first car but it went to a family who really needed it!

Tuesdat was a rough day, I needed some Nutella to make me feel better.
It did.

Sent out these sweet mint and baby pink mason jar invites on Wednesday
I know she is going to love them!

Isn't instagram a wonderful place!? Thanks to a mutual friend I reconnected with
a long lost best friend from when I was little. I posted this letter she wrote me for my #tbt

We are getting ready for our District Convention this weekend and I always like to
be extra prepared!

/// Hope you have a great weekend! ///

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