Friday, July 12, 2013


So many pics to share this INSTA-FRIDAY!
We worked on the mantle project a bit by staining the 
Extra coffee was a MUST when we stayed up almost all night
volunteering to clean the Gwinnett Arena for our religious conventions we are holding there 
over the next few weeks

I finished off some sparkling mermaid invites for a sweet
mermaid princess!

We opened our new graphics shop DBNGraphics which is
full of instant download, DIY templates!

 Shipped off these Navy + Mint beauties!

 I found these adorable mason jar mugs at Costco!
$14.99 for a 3 pack and 3 extra straws. Everything tastes better in them

I made a super cute FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN button
 We got the Paperie up and running with a select number of printed
invites available. I am already loving the new set up!

We visited our friends convention on Sunday 

Cam + I at the convention Sunday
We finally put our roof rack on the Jetta! Now we are ready
for adventure!

The mantle project is DONE!
Look out for a full post next month on all the details!

Sea Shelll Mason Jar Invites headed out to an beach themed
Bridal Shower

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  1. Loving the mantel! How did I miss that pic?

  2. Love those mason jars!.....the southern in me wants to go and buy them right this second.

    1. They have them at Target too but they are $9.99 for ONE and I paid $14.99 for 4!

  3. I love those mason jars. I may have to go to Costco just to look for them. I recently found plastic mason jars with straws at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought 3. I have been obsessed with them!


    1. I know I love them so much! The ones from Costco are SO nice! And a great deal too!