Tuesday, June 4, 2013


How very true this is, in life if you do anything at all you will be criticized for it. I got some negative feedback left for me yesterday. I should be grateful, this is the only 2nd time out of 4,000+ sales that people have left me negative feedback.

I knew it was coming, the customer didn't fully read my published policies before purchasing and no amount of messages and emails that I sent apologizing, explaining and offering her what she was rightfully owed made it better. She tried to bully me into abandoning the policies I set forth to protect me. So I fully expected it, it is just hard to read harsh words when you feel so personally connected to your business.

Just like Aristotle said, the only way to avoid it is to say, do and be nothing. People can be negative, and no amount of sweetness is going to change that. So here are some tips to deal with difficult customers + criticism

- Always be nice and apologize, no matter how mean and nasty they are, it usually cools the situation 

- Stick to your policies as long as they are reasonable {BE NICE ABOUT IT}. You set up these policies for a reason and as long as they are reasonable {ask friends for their opinion} stick to them.

Even if you do everything right, they still may leave you negative feedback and that's okay. Haters gonna hate. Here are some tips to deal with that

- Go back and read all the positive. It really does help, read all of the comments and things people say they love about you. 

- Take a break. Get off your computer and don't worry about it for a bit, try to let it leave your mind. 

- When all else fails, plan your Disney trip {or insert happy place here} online. It's the happiest place on Earth

Always remember the positive will always out way the negative if you look for it. ALWAYS!

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