Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear Etsy,
Etsy has got to be the most customer and seller friendly website! They are constantly updating, changing and improving the Etsy experience.

They just launched a new design for the items pages, and are working on some other awesome things that will be available soon. Are you an Etsy seller who wants to be one of the first to try out some of the new improvements?

Here is how!
> On the main page of Etsy, on the bottom left side there is a box called more ways to shop
> Click Prototypes

> There you will find the list of open Prototypes. Just click [Join Prototype] to start participating
> The Prototype will automatically be available for use {although they don't always guarantee it will work as it is still in testing}
> Joining a Prototype also joins you to the team discussion board. There you can ask questions, talk about what you like and don't like and help improve the new feature

I am participating in 10 Prototypes right now. I think my new favorite is the improved convo feature where you can save responses to your most commonly asked questions for a faster convo response time.
Designs by Nicolina
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  1. Here I am, creepy stalking you again and learning so much information. :)